Pre-WOD Badger Drill (a.k.a 'warm up) - Why you should do it, How to do it and What can it do for you. 

People call it 'warm up'. We call it 'mobility'. Here's why - when you mobilize your body, you're preparing it for the intensity of work that's about to come, and that includes but not limited to; loosening certain stiff muscles of your body that may prevent you from squatting/pressing/whatever safely, getting your heart rate up, or creating awareness of certain muscles in your body that you've yet to develop full control over. When you 'warm up' however, you're just getting your heart rate up and your body warm. To mobilize is to cover everything. In short, when you 'mobilize' you're getting your body prepared mentally and physically to take on the task at hand in your WOD. 

On the flipside, if you go into a workout with your body cold and unprepared, blood not even pumping in your muscles and your joints still stiff from your last workout, you're setting yourself up for injuries sooner or later.  


In this article we shall outline the generic mobility drill (Badger Drill) that was designed in accordance to our philosophy outlined here. As a Badger, you are always free to do whatever kind of warm up/mobility sequence you fancy, and we encourage you to find something that works best for you, but if you just starting out and you need a good, solid direction on what to do for warm up, following the Badger Drill will be extremely beneficial (it is what most of us do when we are mobilizing ourselves). Here's the Badger Drill:

1. Wrist stretch

2. Overhead Pass Throughs

3. Lat Stretch

4. Back (Upper) Stretch

5. Quad Stretch

6. Abductor Stretch

7. Hip Flexor Stretch

8. Good Mornings

Hold each stretch for at least 10-15 seconds before moving on to the other side (for sided stretches like wrist and knee stretch), and spend more time stretching muscles that you're particularly stiff at. We've had new Badgers who reported a performance increase of up to 30-40% from just following the mobility drill. 

With only 10-15 seconds time spent per movement, all the 10 stretches above wouldn't even take 5 minutes so there's really no excuse as to why you won't be able to do it. 

Then, Post-WOD:

The Badger Drill is not limited to just Pre-WOD, it could also be used as an effective cool down sequence if you're somebody who's in need of more mobility. 

If you are rushing home after every workout, you could be short changing yourself from reaching your full potential. Without a Post-WOD stretching, you're not only setting yourself up for more muscle soreness than you would've gotten, but you are also increasing the chances of suffering from joint pain and decreased range of motion at an older age.

What the Badger Drill can do for you:

Having a mobile body allows you to train at a better range of motion, which gives better time efficiency (more benefits from your WOD). Think about it: assuming you take 1 second to do a 1/2 squat, someone else could also take 1 second to do a 100%, ass-to-grass squat (it's tougher), but the difference is that the other person would benefit from a more effective workout, which meant that over a period of time that other person could and would achieve better results than you!

Mobility must be a part of a workout routine for any individual serious about achieving their goals. To not spend 5 minutes of time to mobilize before and after a WOD, is to deprive yourself of potential rewards and set yourself up for future injuries (some of which could be irrecoverable). So be good, mobilize well, and witness your own performance - and results - soar. 

To your success,
The BadgerCoach Team


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