Week 1 Day 4:


A common situation where we always find ourselves when it comes to fitness is the busy phase of our lives. More specifically, situations that are not really conducive to proper eating habits.


As these scenarios happen over and over again, we tend to let go of our health in favor of doing what’s urgent and important.


It usually starts with “I have to…”


But the only reason why we ‘have to’ do anything is simply because we perceived that there was no other choice.


What if there’s a way to do what’s necessary but still maintain our health and fitness without having to let go of what’s urgent and important in our lives?

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Take A Moment And Reflect...

(In the past, what was the first word that comes to mind whenever "learning", or anything similar, was mentioned?)
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In the past few days, we've talked about mindset, habits, behavior, and outcomes.


How focusing on your mindset can alter reality; associating certain feelings (be it negative or positive) can change the way we perceive certain things.


We also mentioned about how our core values (mine is justice and fairness) and beliefs (vegetables are awesome) shape our decisions as well as the story we tell ourselves, consciously and unconsciously. 


You might tell yourself, "I can't drink three liters of water...I can't learn how to squat properly because of...."


The question is, "Are you certain you can't do the task or you can't do it YET?". 


Today's lesson will be dwelling deeper into our minds, in hopes of finding and understanding the root cause of all our decisions.

Your understanding of your inner self holds the meaning of your life.
— Leo Tolstoy

You'll be answering a few challenging questions. 


If you have this weird feeling radiating from the bottom of your throat and stomach at this point, I'm here to tell you that it's completely normal.


It's okay to face this feeling because the most effective breakthroughs happen when people face their true self.


We often drown our thoughts with background noises like the radio, social media, and TV shows, so find yourself a quite safe space and allow yourself to be vulnerable.


If you answer the questions truthfully, it will give you the power to change your mindset.


Before you start, just be aware of what's happening in your head.  Give yourself the permission to ponder about these things.


Remember, changing beliefs and perspective will change your behavior.


Have fun finding yourself.


See to you tomorrow.