Week 1 Day 3:


A common situation where we always find ourselves when it comes to fitness is the busy phase of our lives. More specifically, situations that are not really conducive to proper eating habits.


As these scenarios happen over and over again, we tend to ‘let go’ of our health in favor of doing what’s urgent and important.


What if I tell you there’s a way to do what’s necessary but still maintain your health and fitness without having to diet? 

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Ask any individual that has successfully transformed their bodies about their secret and a few things usually pop up in the conversation.


1) Drinking enough water and

2) The 5 Nutrition Fundamentals


It's safe to say that ALL diets out there that work, require these two things.


Drinking enough water

Habits that deliver maximal results often don't need an immense amount of effort. Simply drinking water can help you lose a few pounds.


Yeah, you heard right. Drinking enough water helps you lose weight!


Our bodies are made up of over 60% water. That means we are basically living breathing water balloons. 


With sufficient hydration, our bodies will have the ability to:

- Transport nutrients and oxygen for cell repair and growth

- Flush toxins from the liver and kidneys to prevent metabolic abnormalities

- Help lubricate joints and digestive tract for better movement and digestion

- Cushion spine and joints from external shock

- Regulate body temperature to prevent overheating


Without it, every bodily system slows down, resulting in an inefficient metabolic rate, leading to weight gain and progress stagnation.


People also confuse thirst from water with hunger. The next time you feel like you can eat a horse, I challenge you to down a 500ml glass of water before you start your meal. See how much lesser you can eat.


The water helps fill our stomach, which send signals to the brain telling it that the body is full.


You end up ingesting lesser calories, your body turns to burning body fat as fuel, and viola! Fat loss in a nut shell.

The 5 Nutrition Fundamentals

The second 'secret' is a set of habits that will help you sustain your progress and keep whatever weight you have lost, permanently. Let's take a look at them: 


1) Eat slowly

Do you notice why people who eat fast can eat more? I've a cousin that was obese at a young age because he was obsessed with finishing his Big Mac within a minute so he could ask for seconds while the family was still there (they frequent McDonald's weekly).


Our brain takes about 20 minutes to recognize that there's food in the stomach. It's one of those mechanisms that God put in place to prevent human beings from gobbling up Earth's plentiful resources. 


As I started my journey on eating slowly, I was amazed at how much lesser I've eaten. It was 50% of my normal serving. I had leftovers for dinner. Talk about saving a buck.


After a few weeks of consistently practicing this habit, my waist simply shrunk. All from just eating more than 20 minutes.


If you're on the other end of the spectrum, looking to gain some mass, you will be doing the inverse. Eating as fast as you can, aiming to get maximal calories within 20 minutes.


2) Eat 80% full

Most of us have this code embedded into our system. It goes something like this.


<p>If human hungry, human must eat until full.</p>


Have you ever wondered why we need to eat until we're full? Maybe our ancestors had to stock up their bellies before the next famine, but for 21st century brothers and sisters, there is no need for that.


You only eat what you need. 


The 20% discrepancy allows for your body to take calories out from fat cells and utilize it as fuel. (Fat being the secondary source of energy for our bodies, predeceasing carbohydrates.)

3) Protein with every meal

I'm sure you've heard the ladies and gents rambling about the benefits of protein on and on at the gym.


What they say is true. The hype about getting protein in every meal benefits you in many ways.


Ingesting protein helps burn fat with the aid of a process called the thermic effect of food (TEF). It takes energy to digest, absorb, and dispose of nutrients.


As protein is harder to digest, it consumes 30% more energy as compared to carbohydrates. This is why eating a palm-full of chicken breast keeps you satiated for longer periods as compared to a bowl of noodles.


Apart from that, everything that relates to burning fat, building muscle, and controlling emotions rely heavily on protein as it's the signal provider for your hormones.


Lastly, protein also helps repair broken tissue that are damaged by physical-activities, building back damaged muscles so they can become bigger and stronger.

4) 5 servings of vegetables per day

A fist-full serving of colored vegetables provide a variety of health benefits.


Multiple that by five different colors. You will have an immense amount of phytonutrients (plant-based chemicals that carry antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties) and vitamins to help keep your body's immune system bulletproof. 


Not to mention that vegetables are high in fiber and super low in calories. This combination will keep you more satiated, reducing your chance of eating more carbohydrates throughout the day.

5) Zero calorie drinks

Most calorie-filled drinks do nothing for your body. I'm talking about teh tarik, carton juice, soda, and drinks along these lines.

On top of not filling you up, these drinks have too much sugar in it. Wasting valuable real estate in your stomach.

Replace it with calorie-free drinks like water and you will see most of your problems solved.


And that's all for the six habits.


I understand that it might be difficult to acquire all of these habits at once. 


Unless you have a 10/10 confidence to take on all of today's habits, maintaining it for the next 28 days, my advice is to practice what we learnt in our first day: scale to your level, and start with the first habit.


First habit being drinking enough water.


Before we end today's lesson, it's important to understand that internalizing all of these habits trumps over just doing it for the sake of the challenge.


Let it be embedded into your code and watch your newly found habits be on autopilot. 


See you tomorrow.