Week 1 Day 2:


Our computers run on programs. But did you know that the human brain runs on programs as well?


These programs are a necessity, because without it everything we do would be exceptionally slow. Imagine having to take an hour to finish a bowl of oats because your forgot how to angle the spoon to your mouth.


Fortunately, most of us do not experience this situation as our brains have pre-programmed codes that are ingrained into our sub-conscious minds, enabling seamless action; also known as habits.

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Much like the habitual action of bringing a spoon into your mouth, you can also program your mind with habitual actions to help with fat loss, muscle gain, and performance.


How, you ask?


By simply changing the approach through your MINDSET. The beautiful thing about this is, once your mind has bought into a certain HABIT (be it good or bad), it goes on autopilot; just like biting your nails or tapping your feet whenever you feel nervous.


That being said, it is important to identify the codes or programs that will no longer serve you well (or counter-productive). This is imperative to the success of your career (and health) as your "effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction". Shout out to John F. Kennedy.


Your first step is to identify these bugs or detrimental BEHAVIORS that can alter the perception of a progressive action (or habit) unconsciously.


Benjamin Franklin's saying of, "You can do anything you set your mind to" is especially relatable in this context.  


If you are negative towards your goals by constantly saying "I can never do this....It is impossible to get there...." Rest assured, that is what you will get. This is why when you set a behavior goal, you will be able to achieve it eventually. 


Almost most problems people face in fitness and nutrition boils down to their embedded codes. Codes which are made up of core values and beliefs (the story that you tell yourself) that will dictate the OUTCOME.


Changing codes to achieve an outcome can be uncomfortable, but it is the uncomfortable that brings progress. 


Keep in mind that your mindset is your reality, so stay positive and progressive.


See you tomorrow.


"Mindset shapes up habit.

Habit contributes to behaviour.

Behaviour leads to outcome.

We can't control the outcome, but we can control our behavior."