How to lose body fat?

Short answer?

Eat right - meat and vege, nuts and seeds, some fruits little starch no sugar.

Train right - train with good form, consistently in both strength and conditioning aspects, at least 2x/week and at the correct intensity.


After a workout and muscle is sore, what do we do? How to recover and do I continue to do training the next day?

Soreness depends on workout intensity, which is defined by how much work you manage to squeeze into your workout session. It is inevitable when pursuing true results. Level of soreness is a major, but not a FULL indicator of 'damage'. Whether or not you can recover and train the next day depends on several things:

1. How smart your programming is. If your workout program is random and has no structure, some parts of your body will get overworked and some parts will get under worked. You may also overwork or under work everything and never even notice!

2. How smart your nutrition is. If you don't eat enough or eat cleanly enough, recovery will also get affected.

3. How conducive your lifestyle is. If you smoke, drink alcohol, sleep late, or workout too frequently, recovery will also be a major problem.

To have an easier time, you can free yourself from worrying about these things and just do BadgerWOD. With BadgerWOD, as long as you manage #2 and #3 decently, it WILL deliver results as long as you train with us at least 2x/week.