A collection of what people has to say about us since the start of the Honey Badgers. If you feel strongly about what we do; if you believe as we believe (about giving back) and you have something to say about it, feel free to drop us something at the bottom of this page.


“Before I joined the Badgers , I used to laugh and be arrogant towards others who were not on the same level as I am. Since then, I have been reminded how everyone started from the bottom somehow and I now take effort to help all beginners and offer friendly advice on technique and programming whenever possible. Humility and helping those who need guidance are my greatest take home value from this community”

Aaron Ong



I met Felix at my first gym as he was one of the coaches there. I started with him when I was barely able to do a single push up, and eventually got to where I am today! He was never afraid to push my boundaries and go hard, and I got my ‘kiasuness’ from his faith towards me that I can do anything when I put my mind to it!!

I am actually among the first members who started Honey Badgers from back in the days of Viper Challenge…and I am impressed at how much we’ve grown into such a big organization. I mean in the beginning we were just a group of friends working out together. Some of you have been looking at fitness pictures and wanting to be just like that for ages…stop wondering!!! You can do it with the Honey Badgers! You are invited into this healthy community living. Join today, not tomorrow or New Year. Sign up now. 

Nadia Annuar, TV host

"Not your typical, boring gym." 

I have never been to a gym with such attentive trainers before, and this has truly made the difference for me. The custom workout program allowed me to improve on my technique, and progress on to more advance exercises. I am amazed at what I can lift right now!

When I couldn’t perform a movement, they would scale down the exercise, providing me with a variation that allowed me to build up to the main exercise. After training consistently for a month, I had visibly lost weight, gained definition, and was eating more healthily. I feel more energized and confident these days.

Honey Badgers has completely changed the way I train. I have never looked forward to going to a gym until I joined them. The classes are great, and my enthusiasm is beginning to show in my physique too. I can't recommend Honey Badgers enough!

Tey C, PR Specialist

Kelvin was superb in his direction and explanation.

Although I was physically able to carry heavier weights, I would always finish my workouts with lower back pain. I mistook it as muscle ache and during my first BadgerWOD, Kelvin reduced my weights to almost 0, corrected my form multiple times until I got it right. I now lift properly and suffer only muscle aches, no more pain from bad form.

I've learned that building a strong foundation and having the right form is of utmost importance, and applied these lessons in other parts of my life as well. Now, my posture has improved tremendously, my reflexes are faster and I'm becoming more flexible.

HB training is both systematic & objective oriented. It's the best gym experience I've had and I would recommend Honey Badgers. I love it!

Sundar Ramanathan

Well optimised, effective and apt for growth that I seek for. 

Kelvin is a kind, humble and patient coach. Training with him and following the well structured BadgerWOD, I had progressed in fitness level surpassed my expectation. We started off by understanding the the area to work on, building the fundamental and work towards it one step at a time. One good experience to share is to be able to perform muscle up within a year into the program. I had been trying without success for over 18 months prior joining Honey Badgers. The coaching and the program made it possible!

The commitment and passion Kelvin shared. It brings great motivation and inspiration to train harder each day. I had grown both personally and professionally using the same motto learnt here: “Chest up, legs drive!”

See Zhan Yi


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