The Idea

We are in the business of delivering fitness results, whatever the definition of results is to the prospective clients. Our mantra is 'Peace of Mind', and our service is called Bespoke Fitness. 


What We Do

We design and prescribe specialized fitness regimes around individuals, and apply them in group-personal training environment. This unique combination makes personalised programmes sustainable.

We seek to create a culture where the primary mode of growth is towards positive retention: retention of our clients and our staff. At HBCF, we care about the wellbeing of everyone involved, and make our decisions based on one question – 

“What is fair?”

We are minimally interested in the short term, maximally invested in the long term. "Justice" is our guiding factor in our policies, for all clients, staff and partners. All of us here are proud to be a part of HBCF, and it is equally as important that everyone associating themselves with HBCF feel the same way we do.


What we want from you

To uphold the idea of justice in this industry our decisions have to be smart and our services unparalleled. This means a keen eye for details. “Good” is not enough, we want to be phenomenal!

We want someone for the coach position. Our definition of coach includes being a friend, mentor and artist in the development of the ultimate fitness solution for the general population. Our staff here grow into thinkers, researchers, philosophers, and even business partners; therefore we are looking for those with the right attitude to pick up this mantle. 

Those who are ambitious, possessing drive and conviction to take up the challenge of working in a competitive environment are welcomed to apply. You will be surrounded by people who never stop chasing excellence, that will push you to great heights.


Desired skills and expertise

1) Skillful in program design
2) Decent interpersonal and communication skills
3) Experienced in coaching beginner to intermediate level clients
4) Education or certifications from a reputable organisation is preferable
5) Good EQ


How do I apply?

Fill up this form below.

Shortlisted applicants would be notified within 3 days and invited to come in for an interview. 

Thanks for your interest!

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