Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Muscles worked: Quads, glutes, hamstring, calfs, lower back, abs, forearms, biceps, shoulders


1) Start on the ground infront of the bar like a conventional deadlift
2) Assume a wide, " sumo " stance
3) Grip the bar with a narrow grip
4) Look straight ahead
5) Keeping your back arched and your chest high
6) Drive your heels into the ground and pull with your hips and legs only util both are at full extension
7) Flick your hip near full extension or trust your hip forward
8) Perform a powerful shrug
9) As soon as you initiate the shrug, pull with arm continuing so that the bar trawls upwards
10) Keep the elbows as far above your hands as possible 
11) Bring the bar right up under the chin briefly
12) Lower the bar back down to your hips or hang position
13) And proceed to lower it down to the ground