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- The Reason You're Struggling And What You Can Do About It -

Pt. 3/4: "Speed Trap"


"Speed Trap"


Imagine if you're in KL wanting to go Penang. You take a south road. When are you gonna reach Penang?




In today's world we are so obsessed with speed, it's killing us. Instead of taking us closer to our goals, it's taking us further away from it. Just because we were impatient, we forgot to check the damn GPS before we hop on the nearest highway, hoping that we're using the right road to reach our destination.


99% of people in this article is skimming through right now, assuming they already know this stuff.


Don't be that person.


The irony of human behavior is that they don't spare the time to do things that will save them time, then complain that they don't have time. Don't be that person.


...hopping on the nearest highway, driving as fast as they can hoping to eventually reach their destination. Even if they don't know where they are, or where they're going...


When you're on the right track, you'll always see results - no matter how small. If you're NOT on the right track, it won't matter how long or how hard you drive. So if you're not seeing the results you want, it's not that you haven't done enough, undisciplined, or not motivated - it's about you placing time and effort in areas that didn't matter.


Do this instead:

  • Figure out the Direction first, and see how you can be Consistent with it, before pedal-to-the-metal-ing your way forward. A good Direction to start on is your Relationship With Fitness. The busier you are, the more important this will be.
  • Reflect on your thoughts and feelings...every day. If you're not feeling good doing what you're doing, if it is not easy, there is room for improvement.
  • Get coaching. You don't know what you don't know, so the best way to figure out what you don't know is to have someone who's been there, done that showing you the way.


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