Has This Ever Happened To You?

  • You felt that you’re wasting your GYM MEMBERSHIP because you're not consistent enough

  • You wanted guidance, but can’t because you can’t afford to continue personal training

  • You spent months or years, and THOUSANDS of ringgit attempting to achieve your goals, but saw nothing

  • You DID see results, but you can’t sustain the behavior necessary to maintain your results

These Are Symptoms Of The Real Problem

The real issue is you’re lacking direction.

When you don't have direction...

  • It is impossible to be motivated

  • It is impossible to see good results, and

  • It is impossible to sustain fitness for the long term.


When We First Started HB, We Had To Choose:

  1. Do like other businesses do. Give you what you WANT and make easy money...


  2. Stay true to ourselves. Provide what you NEED so you can be motivated, stay motivated, and doing fitness in a way that is sustainable long term.

(What we’re about to say is said with love)

You Now Have Two Choices

  1.  Continue to gym-hop, trying to ‘find what you like’ so you can be consistent, in hopes of eventually seeing results…


  2. Decide right now that you’re going to stop beating around the bush, forget the BS that experts want you to believe, and dive straight in with the right spirit to really, and truly, learn about fitness.

Science doesn’t care what we like or believe. Science is science. There is no magic in fitness. What we can do however is learn the ways of getting us what we want. So if you’re tired of ‘trying’ and ready to start achieving, read on.

***NOTE: Again, if all you want is a place to workout and ‘sweat’, we are not the right fit. Go to a boutique gym or a normal gym. These are a lot more fun, and (probably) a lot cheaper too.***

Honey Badgers | A School Of Fitness

We’re not a gym. We're a SCHOOL. We teach you fitness so you can solve your challenges and make fitness sustainable.

Getting direction is NOT relying on people to tell you what to do. That is blind faith.

In fitness, getting direction means that you learn what is necessary to make up your own mind about which path to follow. In HB, we will teach you what you need, then we let you make up your own mind.

So if you've been telling yourself that:

  • "I can't afford to do fitness"

  • "I don't have motivation" / "I am too lazy"

  • "I don't know how to work out"

  • "I GOT NO TIME!"

...then consider that you simply didn’t have the opportunity to learn the right knowledge, and if you do, these problems will be solved. 

 Once you’re ready to really learn about fitness, follow these instructions:

STEP 1 - Understand Our Philosophy

“Every person who's ever gotten lean and stayed lean are able to do so for one reason: they've figured out how.”

With over a decade of experience training people, Felix (HB founder) has distilled the methods of creating sustainable fitness into 4 major strategies titled the ‘4 Pillars of Sustainable Fitness’.

The course is dissected into digestible pieces and spread over 5 days so that you can learn the principles effectively. It is available in both video and article format, and accessible across all your devices.

Here are some snippets of what's inside:

  • Day 1: What NOT to do to keep your results sustainable [5:46]

  • Day 2: Most important exercise principle for the long run [5:08]

  • Day 3: Practical, mobile, & affordable nutrition strategies [5:22]

  • Day 4: How to be consistent even when life happens to you [4:00]

  • Day 5: How to fall in love with your fitness regime [4:49]

Don’t wait. Go check it out and sign up now before you forgot! After all, it's FREE.


STEP 2 - Contact Us

After you’re done with the course, it is time for application. At this point, how apply the strategies will be different among individuals. For that, we need to do a consultation for you.

The purpose of the consultation is to:

  • Figure out where you are & what’s challenging you

  • Where you want to be

  • How to get there by applying the Four Pillars

At the end of the consultation we will give you a ‘blueprint’ so that you have roadmap to follow. After that, we’ll ask you to decide then and there if we are suitable for you.

Please do this consult only if you are ready to start.

Once you join us, you can apply the lessons you learned with our guidance so you can use it the way its meant to be used.


Benefit #1

Unlimited access to Honey Badgers Coaching Facility

Operating Hours:
6am to 11pm Weekdays
10am to 6pm Weekends


Benefit #2

Start it RIGHT...with a 1:1 Movement Assessment

- Identify Weakness, Balance, Tightness
- Movement Readiness
- Bodyweight Proficiency
- External Weight Proficiency


Benefit #3

Accelerate RESULTS with your customized PRE & POST workout routines

- Fix Weaknesses
- Gain Flexibility On Tight Muscles
- Reduce Learning Curve


Benefit #4

Join ANY training sessions

- BadgerWOD (Open Gym)
- LIFT (Build-type)
- BOLT (Build + Burn)

*Always a ‘Build’ element present*


Benefit #5

Personalized Attention

- Always available on LIFT & BOLT sessions
- 1:9 ratio of Trainer:Client
- Learn how to do exercises YOUR way
- Scaled Intensity


Benefit #6

Community Connection

- 100+ community members
- Network, make friends, & support each other

Your investment starts at RM1,467 for 3 months upfront.

For Further Questions / To Sign Up, WhatsApp ‘Felix’ @ 016-9730 448