In this meeting, you will be greeted by a Badger Coach. No salesperson, no consultants,  no pressure and no obligations.

Its purpose - to find out where you are relative to your goals, and how much work is ahead of you.

In the Assessment, we will: 

  • Assess for any current problems in your muscle development
  • Figure out the factors contributing to your plateau, if any 
  • Based on your body and psychology, tell you what are the 'paths' to avoid
  • Your path of least resistance, again based on your body
  • Teach you basic exercises that you MUST know in order to see results, regardless of kind
  • How a proper fitness program can minimize your risk of illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer, and many more. Basically how fitness make you more 'durable' and less prone to mortality.

The Assessment is done on a 1-to-1 basis (you and a coach), and at no obligation to you. 

This is a service in and of itself so we're not simply using this as a convenient excuse to try and close some sales.


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