Every new client would be screened for their movement proficiency before being allowed to join classes. There are a total of 12 Sandbox syllabus run on a monthly basis, and the more proficient someone is from the start, the less Sandbox is required for them to attend regular classes.

A complete beginner would need only 2 sessions before being allowed to join regular classes, and the coach on duty will confine the movement of each individual during classes to the ones they are adequately good at. Whenever needed, any Badger may always return to any of the Sandbox sessions to increase their repertoire of movements, or simply to refine their technique. 

Day 1
The Continuum of Aesthetics and Fitness
How To Mobilize
Basic Bodyweight Movement Workouts
*Pre-requisite : none.

Day 2
*Pre-requisite : Attend Day 1

Day 3
Front Squat
Push Press
*Pre-requisite : Attend Day 2

Day 4
Wall Balls
Sumo Deadlift High Pull
*Pre-requisite : Attend Day 3

Day 5
Overhead Squat
Medball Clean
*Pre-requisite : Attend Day 4





Day 6
Push Jerk
*Pre-requisite : Attend Day 5

Day 7
Power Clean
*Pre-requisite : Attend Day 6

Day 8
Power Snatch
*Pre-requisite : Attend Day 7

Day 9
Squat Clean
*Pre-requisite : Attend Day 8

Day 10
Squat Snatch
*Pre-requisite : Attend Day 9

Day 11
Kipping Pull Ups
Double Unders
*Pre-requisite :
- Attend Day 10
- Able to do 20 Push Ups unbroken
- Able to do 3 Strict Pull Ups unbroken

Day 12
Intermediate Gymnastics
(butterfly pull ups, handstand push ups, muscle ups)
*Make appointment with Coach and tell them what you want to learn.
*Pre-requisite : Attend Day 11