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Pt. 2/4: "Relationship With Fitness"

"Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That is relativity" - Albert Einstein


"Relationship With Fitness"


Throughout my journey, I thought that pain is supposed to be a norm. That it was needed in order for it to be effective. But that's bullshit. Pain is just signal. Pain becomes pain when you are looking to avoid the signals.


Consensual sex is pleasurable, but if it is NOT consensual, it becomes a traumatic, painful experience. 'Sex' remained a fact, but the 'meaning' of what happened defines our enjoyment of it.


The joy of nutrition and exercise depends on whether you want it or not. Not wanting the results. Not wanting the outcome - but wanting to do it simply because you like doing it. And if you like something, you do it often. When you do it often, results come often.


You don't need willpower and motivation to watch Netflix. You don't need discipline to go eat your favorite food. Or have sex. Fitness doesn't have to be painful. All you need to do is build up a relationship with all aspects of fitness so you actually look forward to it. 


The case studies, testimonials, and before and afters - as well as my own story - is proof. The only question is, how can you make that possible for yourself?


The basic ingredients for that is just: Time and Information


Just think back on how good relationships normally start. People meet. They spend some Time to get to know each other (Information), and before you know it - one thing leads to another and you got a relationship.


People don't start relationships because they HAVE to, they start it because they WANT to. Which is why when people 'force' themselves to do fitness, they're doomed from the start - like forcing yourself to be with someone just because you were lonely...


Don't do that.


Do this instead:

  • Take it easy: spend Time to learn positive Information about your fitness habits, and let it slowly blossom into a passion. Figure out what's great about the habits (benefits), rather than how much work you HAVE to do to make it work (effort)
  • Measure behavior, not inches: track your progress by noticing how much more you enjoy the process compared to when you started, rather than only pure outcomes such as weight loss or muscle building.
  • Get coaching. Things are a lot easier when you have a coach to show you what's cool about the habits that creates the results you want, and how to make it easier to practice.


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