BADASS Christmas Recipes with REAL BUTTER, and REAL FLOUR.

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Wait a minute...what?

I thought this is a FITNESS website?

Okay. Before you think me insane in the membrane, hear me out.


People tend to think that fitness is all about 'eating clean' and working out like a lunatic.

For me, fitness is something different. To me, it's about...chances.

Having the chance to live a longer life. Play with my (great) grandchildren. Being better able to enjoy life and everything that it brings.

Especially food.

It's the holiday season. So while many coaches out there are telling you to NOT have this or that, and busy creating strategies for their clients, I have something different for you. 

Here's something I'd like to share with you. A compilation of 10 proven recipes from the very generous folks at Precision Nutrition

Try all these for free. A gift from me to you:


Recipes includes both Classic as well as 'Upgraded' variations of:

  1. Banana Chocolate Bread Pudding w. Cashew Custard
  2. Pear Walnut Maple Custard Tart
  3. Panettone Coconut Raspberry Trifle
  4. Almond-Ricotta Cheese Cake with Orange Sour Cherry Topping
  5. Flourless Chocolate Torte

Take that, diet.

Coming from a minor culinary background, I love cooking.

In fact, I love cooking so much that back in 2011, I participated in the first season of Masterchef Malaysia...and gotten to Top 6 (hence my 'culinary background').

Today, I'm no longer in the food industry, but that doesn't mean I don't cook anymore.

So you see, I enjoy food just like anybody else.

Are you able to spot me?

Are you able to spot me?

At HB, we are not here to tell you what to do, think or feel. Instead, we believe in sharing ideas with people so that they can move at their own pace to eventually achieve the goals they set for themselves.

And feelings of guilt, shame, anxiety or deprivation about food is actually doesn't help. After 8 years in the business, I've come to realize that when someone doesn't like their journey, results never last. So this holiday, I want you to do me a favor.


Enjoy your food. And give it the appreciation it deserves. Spend time connecting with your family and friends. 

And here's a couple of tips to maximize your experience during Christmas, coming from yours truly.

  1. Eat slowly.

    Nibble. Pause between every bite. Smell your food. See how it whets your appetite. Just like how you don't down a good whiskey or wine, true appreciation comes from allowing all your senses to work with your food, not against it. Back when I first learned this trick, I've found that all of a sudden I enjoyed my food twice as much as I used to, and I started enjoying certain kinds of food that I used to hate, and if it works on me, it'll work on you.
  2. Eat until 80% full

    There are three ways we enjoy a meal. We enjoy through senses (tastes, sights, sounds, textures & smells), we enjoy through the good company that we are blessed with, and we also enjoy simply through the feeling of 'being full'. 

    What I've learned is that although there's an almost limitless capacity to enjoy senses and company, the sensation of feeling too full somewhat dulls the enjoyment of the other two. I once encountered a bad experience where I hadn't finished trying everything on the table, but I was already too full. The reason why this happened is because we tend to 'overestimate' our capacity at the start of the meal, so we tend to just take and take and before we know it - it's too late!

    To fix this, just focus on eating & portioning for 80% full rather than 100% full - so that if there are some last minute additions to the table you can have them as well. If you want to.
  3. Make time to connect with people

    Walk around and talk to your family and friends. Catch up. See what are they up to now. Sure, you can sit and watch TV, but its the holidays. It's your personal time that you can use to relax. De-stress. Deload. Talking to people about the positive things in life makes it easier and faster to get relaxed. 

I'm not much of a holiday person, but I've found these things to be really helpful at allowing me to cope better with the hectic-vity of my life. So if it worked for me, I hope it works for you to. 

Happy Holidays!

Signing out,
Founder, Honey Badgers Coaching Facility


Get your FREE copy of Holiday Baking Recipes with TEN proven & tested recipes to impress your loved ones this Holiday!

Name *