A normal personal training session will cost you RM80-RM150 per session. Its priced this way because the full attention of your personal trainer is on you, and you alone. Normally, personal training service also includes a very personal progress tracking system that usually involves monthly reports, and a custom workout program that is designed for you and your goals alone.

Persoanl 1:1 training service is very useful indeed. But do you absolutely need the full attention of a personal trainer, come with the 100% customized workout program and a monthly report of your progress? Does your needs differ that much with those of the others, that nothing less than a fully customized program can deliver results to you?

If you say 'no' to any of the questions above, we invite you to take a look at what we offer. No doubt that you have seen the entirety of our service written in 'Our Page', here's a summary of what we offer:

A comfortable, beautiful place to workout in.

Ancillary programs to take care of your normal needs.

Supplementary programs to take care of your special needs.

Sandbox programs to continuously refine your movements and increase your repertoire.

Limited Class Size for optimal quality & focus. 1:8 ratio of trainer to client. 

Modeling our service this way allows us to drop the price to just RM35 per session.

But wait. On top of that we want to reward those who trains more often, so we have monthly unlimited package for just RM245/month. Contract yearly. 

This is the price that we will be launching upon Grand Launch, scheduled for July this year, upon arrival of all our brand new Rogue equipment.

If you act now however, a years' worth of membership at the Honey Badger Coaching Facility is available to you for just two easy payments of RM1,200.

That's RM200/month, a saving of RM45/mth, RM540 per year.

If you act now, before Pre-Sale closes. Do you prefer payment by cash, or credit card?