We believe that wealth can only truly be gained when we bring value to peoples' lives. 
Because of this, everything we do should be for the sake of the people. 

If decisions we make did not improve things for the majority of you, then it shouldn't be made at all.

We believe in the voice of the people, so in order to make the best choice possible when faced with difficult decisions, we turn to you, the ultimate receivers of what we do, to collect as many data as possible before making them. 



We are a small but rapidly growing community. The decisions we make now will influence the culture and the way we doing in the future, and each decision has to be deliberated carefully. Today we have 3 things we wanted to decide on, and ask for your help in doing so.



A few weeks ago we tried transitioning into Online booking for our Saturday sessions via web browser and/or the mobile app in lieu of the usual Facebook post.

The advantage of doing so is that you won't have to wait until Thursday to book your slots, and its easy to cancel your slot bookings if you need to. With Facebook, confusion may happen about who post their names first due to our 20 people maximum class limit. And when someone cancels their slot the queue can be confusing (imagine we have 18 pax on queue but number 12 cancels, the whole queue number are shifted backwards).

The disadvantage of doing this is that you will have to register an account with us through our Mindbody website. The steps aren't difficult, but some people may find it enough of a hassle to them off from coming to our Saturday WODs. Aside from this, another issue raised was that you won't be able to see who else is coming to the same session, due to privacy legal restrictions.

We think that registration processes are something which we are all used to. Just by registering one time, booking sessions will become so much easier and remove a lot of potential confusion - more pros than cons. Therefore, the biggest factor will be whether you would mind about knowing who else is going to turn up in the same session with you.

*For more informed decision, you can check out the guide on how to use Mindbody Online here, and MINDBODY Connect here.

*If you haven't tried the MINDBODY Connect mobile app before, you can get it here.


2. Location

All of you know that we have the intention of opening up our own facility sometime next year. Because we are made up of people from all over KL, we are doing a poll to gather up data on where the majority of our people would prefer as a location for our box. 

We wanted to decide on a location that suits you best, because ultimately we are building a box for the community, so this is the best time for you to voice out your preference and increase the chance of us coming over to your neighbourhood.

This is not a gym; it's a micro group personal coaching facility, which is why the price range will be different.

We need you to choose among 3 locations that you'd most definitely join if we were to open up around April next year, with price range of RM200-RM300 per month.



Having a Crossfit Affiliation will bring about many benefits for the community at large. We will be able to invite Crossfit Level 1 Staff to conduct seminars here at Malaysia, and start certifying local trainers in Crossfit. You will also be able to legitimately tell people that you are doing 'Crossfit'.

However, a Crossfit Affiliation costs USD3,000 a year which is almost RM10,000.
There are many things that we can do with this money.

We could buy 2 rowers. We can't afford any rowers at the moment. 

We can afford an extra 3 pairs each of 5kg, 10kg, 20kg and 25kg plates. We currently have 2 1/2.

In fact, we could change all the bumper plates into colourful yellow, blue, green and red competition bumpers.

RM10,000 could buy 20 squat stands.

15-20 additional barbells, depending on quality.

In fact, we can upgrade all our barbells from the Beater Bar to the Ohio Bar.

RM10,000 can buy a new Infinity Rig.

RM10,000 a year, in 5 years that will be RM50,000.

We want to make the decision, but we want you to be in on it with us. We have a limited budget. Having an affiliation opens up a lot of exciting things for the facility, but if we don't apply for affiliation, we can use that money to better equip the facility.

Tell us your preference.


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