Physiotherapy is one of the most underrated medical profession there is. Every movement we do is performed through muscular contraction, and our muscles are connected to our bones by tendons. If it can be said that the rib cage protects our internal organs, it is not far-fetched to say that our muscles protect our bones and joints. While exercise and strength training can improve our strength and flexibility, making us more 'durable', those same activities when performed improperly causes harm to the body. 

In order for people to look good and be healthy, they need to exercise. Exercises carry with them certain risks, but an even greater risk is to do nothing at all. During the process however, dormant problems may surface, or accidents can happen. This is where physiotherapists form the first line of defense against the more 'unnecessary' measures and prevent escalation of whatever problems people may have. In most cases, capable therapists can fix most problems without the need of medication or invasive surgery. 

Practitioners of such holistic (and indeed much needed) profession deserves respect. Yet physiotherapists tend to be thrown to the back of a room, or forced to juggle a large number of patients at any one time, or juggle multiple jobs with minimal pay because not many recognize the values of a capable therapist. The current status quo simply should not remain. 

Instead of being used as a 'supplement' to other methods, physios should be understood by the general public to be the FIRST to diagnose injuries to see whether a problem require more extreme methods (such as surgery). For this purpose, the more professionals out there who can stand united and help carry this message, the sooner the general public will come to understand this truth. There are people out there who desperately need the specific solutions that you have in your hands and minds. They don't know it, and they are spending insane amount of money on mediocre solutions that gives them zero guarantees, and sometimes many risks. 

Professionals, it's time to take charge. If you want to be part of the movement to enlighten the population, we want to do business with you.

Presenting the opportunity to break away from the rat race and start your own practice, available for your usage from as low as RM35/session onwards. View photos to see more.

It is known that people associate presentation with class. The better your treatment area look, the more comfortable your clients feel. People won't feel good about revealing their problems in an uncomfortable environment; so white lights & other clinic-type settings are a no-go. You are good, your environment should be good too.

More presentable than the fold-able bed, this wooden hardwood bed was built and upholstered carefully with help from the extraordinary Fred Khoo, a well known freelance physiotherapist, using high quality PU leather.

Located within HB+, a few doors away from HBCF home of the Badgers, the availability of exercise equipment makes it easy to demonstrate to patients what and how to perform any exercises you think they should do. If required, experienced coaches are just a walk away to consult on any programming or sports-specific-related questions you have, to better ably treat your patients. 

The HB+ is nested in a conspicuous area of the property (10 Boulevard), which in itself is easily accessible through Sprint Highway, making it easy for everyone to find. Additionally, there are ample parking in the vicinity in the morning, evening and weekends making treatment a pleasure for both you and your patients.


Single session usage for RM60
6 sessions usage for RM300
12 sessions usage for RM480
24 sessions usage for RM840
36 sessions usage for RM1,080