1. We have 3 Open Sessions every Saturday; 10am, 3pm and 6pm. There is a 12pm slot, but it's reserved only for those approved by the Head Coach (Felix), and they are approved based on their proficiency of movement. 

2. There can be no more than 20 Badgers working out in every session, inclusive of coaches and assistants. 

- This is done to ensure that coaches’ attention is not divided and to maintain quality of each session for all Badgers.  

3. Every session will cost RM10. The breakdown:
- RM5 for entry into the gym, paid immediately at the counter.
- RM5 for session coordination, paid to the person in charge of registration immediately upon entry.

4. Reservation of slots are done via Facebook:
- Registrations are open every Thursday, 1.00pm onwards via our Facebook page post.
- Upon seeing the post, Badgers who want to join are required to comment on the post by tagging their own names, so that the HB Facebook page can tag your names if we need to alert you about something. 
- Attendance without slot bookings will not be allowed and you will be turned away.
- Badgers will only be allowed to book slots for themselves. All slots are reserved on first-come-first-serve basis.

5. During the session:
- Every session starts with Sandbox, which is compulsory to every Badger who wants to join the WOD.
-  Only seniors who have been cleared by Head Coach (Felix) may skip Sandbox and either perform strength work or assist with beginners. However, they are still required to arrive by the time Sandbox starts.
- Each Sandbox starts at 10am, 3pm and 6pm, SHARP, respectively according to the coaches' watch. Every Badger that is LATE, according to the coaches' watch, will be required to do 5 reps of Burpees for every minute that they were late. We advise that you allot enough time to arrive early with 15 minutes to spare, so that you have time to deal with any unforeseen delays.
- The Honey Badgers' way of coaching is absolute. Regardless of what anyone has learned outside of the Honey Badger community, when WOD-ing with us, our movement standards and what we consider to be 'safe and effective' takes precedence over what anyone learns outside. Simply put is that if you want to WOD with us, you do it OUR way. This is because we prioritize safety over all else.

6. Dress code, ethics and personal safety:
- We encourage Badgers to wear whatever it is that makes them comfortable in working out, but as we are currently using a public pay per entry gym, for the female Badgers' own safety, and also to maintain the Honey Badgers' familial environment, please refrain from wearing overly-provocative attire.
- In the late evenings, we encourage female Badgers to head to their car with at least 1 friend.
- Please be mindful of the space you are occupying during the workout, as when there are many people the gym can be quite cramped.
- When you are not working out or waiting for your own wave, please stay out of the way of those who are doing the workout. 
- Since the friendliness of the community is what got us together, everyone has a part to play in ensuring this culture continues. Be courteous, polite and friendly when you're attending the WODs especially to beginners.
- Be hygienic
- Put back your weights and clear your station after you are done.