Hello there.

I am writing this because a lot of you asked about the NYR (New Year ReVOLUTION Challenge) and how non-PJ residents can join.

Earlier this month we put up a sponsored post on FB that looks like this:

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First, you need to read the full writeup for the NYR 6 Weeks Challenge to understand what I'm talking about: https://flexwithmeaning.clickfunnels.com/fpap-new-year-s-revolution6p0va7v

This WAS supposed to be given to PJ residents only, but due to popular request, here's what we can give NON-PJ residents. But before that, I want to remind you about the price breakdown for our special programs if sold separately:

  • 3 times a week Bespoke Fitness training program - RM420 per month
  • Nutrition & behavioral change coaching - RM258 per month
  • RM420 + RM258 = RM678 per month.

For New Year ReVOLUTION program however, we are dropping everything down to RM289 for 6 weeks. 

The price is insane.

The nutrition coaching alone are normally RM258 for 4 weeks, and here it is RM289 for 6 weeks, inclusive of thrice-weekly training.

And for the benefit of NON-PJ residents, I've come up with this idea for you all to partipate:

  1. Purchase the program. Use the Nutrition & Mindset Coaching side of the program. Don't worry about risk - you don't like it I will give you a refund.
  2. Call my number 016-973 0448 and schedule an assessment so that we can advise you what kind of physical training program you should be doing. Normally this will cost RM50 but I will waive this for you. 
  3. During the assessment, and only if it fits your budget, we can customize an 'add-on' service for you where we provide you with a personalize fitness training program ON TOP of your nutrition/mindset coaching.

    Just try it because you got nothing to lose.

    If you don't like our proposal during the assessment, we will point you to the right kind of gym that can accommodate your fitness needs in whichever area you live in.

    At this point if you are unsure about the program in any way at all just give me a call so you can grill me about your doubts. I really want to help.
  4. Using remote coaching, participate in this program for 6 weeks and if you are the best transformer within this time, you WIN free coaching for the rest of the year. Here are some more details:
  • We are giving away a RM5,868 value worth of training program (1 year) to ONE lucky participant who signed up for this. As long as you sign up, you are in the list and in the running to win the full 1 year program.
  • Mechanics of how to win is included within the automated email that's sent to you AFTER you fill in the form.
  • The 6 Weeks Challenge in the  NYR (New Year ReVOLUTION Challenge) link given earlier is a 'compressed' version of the 1 year FULL program that's worth RM5,868 (full, non-NYR price is even higher). Think of it as a prelude to the whole year program.

I hope this is enough information for you to make your decision but if it isn't enough, just call me directly to understand more. 

***016-9730 448***

Founder, Honey Badgers Coaching Facility