Weekdays: 7am - 11pm
Weekends: 10am - 6pm

No Off Days. No Holidays. 


Class schedules are available in our Mindbody Online software. To see class schedule, you must have an account with us. To create an account, or view class schedules with an existing account, click the 'BOOK ONLINE' button below.

Alternatively, please call our facility phone at +603-7732 9042 to find out.


Confused? Guided Tour for Mindbody Online available here.



'Closed Sessions' are the service we provide for our regular clients. 'Open Sessions' (a.k.a. our Saturday Badass BadgerWODs) are goodwill sessions opened for the public in hopes to educate the people on safe and effective exercise, which costs only RM15 per session.

1. for CLOSED sessions

What is it? Regular paid classes conducted at the Honey Badgers Coaching Facility (Badger HQ, a.k.a. HBCF)

1. Enter 30 minutes before class to perform Pre-WOD given by Coach

2. Join either the LIFT class (45m) or BOLT class (30m).

3. Extra: Join the next class - 30 minutes (only applicable to LIFT) 

More details here.


2. for open sessions

What is it? Goodwill initiative implemented to teach the public on how to train safely and effectively.

Where is it? Available at both Honey Badger Coaching Facility, as well as Badger Nomad every Saturday. Call the location to ask for details.

1. Sandbox - 1 hour

2. BadgerWOD - 30 minutes

3. Hang out till we're done

More details here.


1. The HBCF (Badger HQ)

- Available for both Closed and Open Sessions -

C-G-45, 10 Boulevard
Lebuhraya Sprint
47400 Petaling Jaya

*Open Sessions and Closed Sessions available


2. Badger Nomads

- Open Sessions only -

Our goodwill workout sessions implemented as an initiative to teach the public on how to train safely and effectively happens every Saturday. There is no fixed location for the Nomads. To find out where is the coming Nomad session, give the HPSJ Community Leader a call 012-391 0933 (Wui Yang)