LIFT stands for Low Intensity Functional Training. The easy-going environment of this class allows you and fellow Badgers to learn and/or master our 15 weight-bearing movements, so that you can incorporate them better during high intensity Metcons (like BOLT classes), as well as Pre-WODs which you'll be doing on your own.

The term 'low intensity' implies more rest time between sets which are used to communicate flaws or areas of improvement, or simply to just rest. This allows a relaxed atmosphere that is conducive for learning.

New Badgers should always start here before jumping in to the BOLT classes. Regular Badgers should use this class to further refine techniques and/or learn more complicated movements. For the Senior Badgers, here's where you carry heavy and set new personal records in weightlifting.

The LIFT class works on the strength and power of the physiological spectrum, as well as balance and coordination of the neurological spectrum.

Joining this class regularly over time will increase your strength and muscles, which will allow you to carry heavier weights in the future, as well as increasing your basal metabolism so you burn fat easier.