Personal training. Minus the cost.

Uncertainty. Loneliness. No one to give you a good hard kick in the ass and get your shit together when you slack off. These are issues everyone faces at the start of their fitness journey. 

Results are possible - but the key ingredient is consistency. Consistency means having proper food when you're craving for junk. Consistency means getting yourself to the gym even when you don't feel like it. To have consistency is to do whatever it takes, each and every time - and not only when you feel like it. 

Motivation is key. Having a support system and being held accountable ensures that you put in the work to get your results. 

And this is why we do what we do. By helping others achieve their goals, we feel good about ourselves. By spreading and infecting others with the love of fitness, our community grows stronger. It is a fantastic cycle of positivity, and everyone's invited to join!

What we offer

For a monthly fee, you get access to a qualified personal trainer. You will receive guidance personalised to your own specific goals and your own environment, body conditions or limitations of any kind, in the form of workout programs, nutrition guidance and lifestyle coaching. You will also be able to contact them for advice and consultation 6 days a week. You will receive detailed guidance and instructions, as well as full access to our members only website filled with materials on nutrition, fitness, workouts, and health. 

*Guidance is provided via Whatsapp, phone call, messaging and emails.
*If you can make it for our free Saturday workout sessions @ 3pm, Fitness Paradise, you'll be able to meet your coach face-to-face (RM5 paid to the gym owner per entry if you're going to workout with us on that day)
*We are a local (Malaysian) company based in Kuala Lumpur - immediate support can be given to you whenever you need it.
*Additionally, one-to-one fitness assessment and evaluation may be requested (additional fees apply). 

Fees are as follows :