Hey friend,

Recently this article briefly caught my attention. 

It's about this Chinese family that went on a 6-months weight loss & fitness program...that created some VERY impressive Before/After photos.


It's amazing what having a community + good workout direction can do for you.

So I thought "Oh okay. Huh. Cool." 

But it never really registered because being in fitness for >11 years, transformation photos are getting kinda cliche.

BUT THEN... THIS FB post caught my attention.

This part in particular:


It was posted by Caroline Belmares in one of the fitness coach support groups I'm a part of.

See, I'm a company man through and through. And if I were to spend time working on myself in a way that does the company no direct added benefit, it's a huge no-no.

But if it DOES...well now, that changes everything. Now I have a reason to go on a "transformation journey".

And since HB is in need of contents, and I need to get the GameBook name out there, I just had an idea that will solve a lot of my "stuff" all at once...

...and perhaps this might help you with your fitness goals as well.


The Idea

We'll embark on a 1-year fitness program. But instead of the usual "willpower-my-way-there" approach, we'll do a more sensible, easy way.

Not so hardcore lah. Chill bro.

We've covered previously that RULES KILLS CONSISTENCY. So instead of focusing on weight loss (which is an outcome), we'll be focusing on how many habits we can 'fall in love' with...permanently.

We'll focus on leveling up our relationship with fitness.

To do that, we're playing the Nutrition GameBook, a game designed specifically to restart your relationship with fitness and enhance it even further.

The Goal

Since the GameBook has done a pretty good job at just arranging and quantifying for us habits that are important, all we need to focus on is the Levels and the XP. So the objective, my friend, is to gain as much XP as possible, and reach as high of a level as possible.

You are free to set (and reset) which level you want to be at the end of the year. For myself, I aim to be at level 11 for the final 2 months of this project. And I plan to achieve that by incrementally increasing the level of my fitness month by month. 

How about you? What level do YOU want to set for yourself? Make sure your goal comes with:

  • What level you want to end the year with
  • For how long you want to sustain that level


Your Tools

You will get all the support you need in to succeed in this. 

The first and foremost, is that I commit to give you coaching throughout this whole journey.

And by "coaching" I mean a constant, two-way communication - not the typical "I tell you what to do and you must follow" mentality that the fitness industry is known for. This comes with:

  • The Nutrition GameBook: to quantify the health of your relationship with fitness
  • A state-of-the-art nutrition lesson delivery software I use for my own clients called ProCoach. All the lessons here are presented, and delivered, by the #1 nutrition coaching company in the world - Precision Nutrition. Historically, they have helped tens of thousands of people drop >100,000 combined pounds of fat.
  • I will do calls or face to face meet up with you whenever you struggle with something. And if you choose to be consistent with ProCoach, I can read your responses directly from there and guide you accordingly - from there as well.
  • If you're already a HBCF client: you'll be continuing with your Bespoke Fitness regime. Otherwise, you're welcome to explore taking up a Bespoke Fitness program, or use one of the done-for-you programs listed in the 28DTC portal.

Secondly, you'll also get access to all the contents inside my 28DTC online coaching portal (membership site), which includes but not limited to:

  • Challengers' Manifesto declaration lockscreens
  • Challengers' Portal (FB group)
  • Perfect Meals On-The-Go pdf guide (teaches you what to do in impossible situations)
  • 16 Done-For-You Training Programs for Home, Park & Gym
  • Free HB Assessment worth (value: RM160)
  • Merchant Cheat Sheet - 16 merchants in Klang Valley to save you time, money, and headache when you source for your fitness supplies
  • Transformation Launch Pad (3 hours worth of online training on Exercise, Nutrition, Mindset, and Time Management
  • The HB Online Progress Tracker that measures your performance, measurement, behavior, and movement readiness metrics
  • And even more stuff to be added down the line...


When's The 'Start Day'?

I need to make some logistical preparations because this idea came up just this morning (today's Thursday, 4th Jan). So I'll be starting next Monday. As for you, you're welcome to start anytime after we agree to work together on this.


The 2 Conditions

Firstly, you'll need to cover the cost price of whatever materials that's being provided to you. This works up to only RM189/month.

Secondly, you must send a daily vlog to me. It can be long (up to 20 minutes), or it can be short (30 seconds). Preferably short.

Don't worry. I've got ways of making this second condition super-easy to meet. Just check out my "Why & How To Guide" right here!

Aside from it being a condition for participating, vlogging is also a really effective reflection and feedback mechanism to keep yourself in check. Verbalizing your thoughts has an almost magical effect on your psyche. It clears up clutter, cleans up gunk, and improves your mental faculty like meditation - but far simpler.

Some of the things you can talk about in this vlog:

  • What are you excited for in the coming day?
  • What are your monthly or daily goals and why it matters to you?
  • What side effects you can see these new habits having in your life?
  • What systems, steps, plans, or actions you are taking and implementing in your journey, and what problems does it solve?
  • All the wins and lessons you got throughout the day; but also,
  • ALL the TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS (!) you experienced throughout the day! 
  • And whatever else that suits your fancy. Always remember that what's small to you...might be HUGE for the audience. So we're just focusing on capturing as much as we can for now.

After that, I'll send them to our video editor, who will compile the highlights of the week to put into a single video. An "episode", if you will. And this will be documented for future reference and HB marketing efforts. By the end of the year, we'll have about 50 episodes of content.

How To Start?

This is not a "product". This is a project reserved for friends and close clients. If this is interesting to you, WhatsApp me at +6 016-9730 448 and after I answer any questions you might have we'll get to work right away!


Confession - Here's Why *I* Want To Do This:

I'm not fat, so I've always been putting the "getting a six pack" route to the bottom of the list because I kept telling myself there's going to be time...once the business stabilize, once I'm less busy, once I'm...etc. 

But...there's Never a good time to start.

There never WILL be a good time to start.

Maybe the fact that HB isn't where I want it to be proves that my outlook matters more than I think. And maybe I need to insist on spending more time for myself, in order for the company to benefit.

This project can also:

  • Generate content for HB
  • Help HB look better by proof of concept
  • Help introduce and promote the usage of GameBook, which is going to play a huge part in HB expansion plans
  • Perhaps inspire others to work towards their fitness as well, just like that Chinese family

I realize now that putting myself out there is imperative. And sharing valuable content and offer value before asking for anything in return is everything. And most of all, the courage to be vulnerable and simply be myself and "look bad". And that will prove invaluable.

I'll finish this post by giving an excerpt from my favorite PN lesson:

What is a leader? Humans have asked this question for milennia.
A leader isn’t someone who dominates with bluster and force. A leader isn’t a bully nor a boss. A leader isn’t necessarily the loudest voice in the choir.
A leader is — quite simply — someone who inspires others to be better.
Leaders show us the path, often by stumbling along it themselves.
"Leaders are more powerful role models when they learn than when they teach." - Rosabeth Moss Kantor
- PN Coaching leaders -
What makes a PN Coaching Leader? Lots of things.
PN Leaders take action. Decisively. Consistently.
PN Leaders help others. They know that success is not a finite pool, and they pull others up as they climb.
PN Leaders aren’t trying to be anyone other than themselves — their best selves. They don’t fret about “following the herd” or measuring up to some imaginary ideal. They keep it real.
PN Leaders stay focused. They don’t get distracted by “wonder and worry” or detours from the PN Coaching path.
PN Leaders see the big picture. They don’t get bogged down in small daily details. They keep forging ahead, one habit and action at a time.
PN Leaders focus on behaviors, not outcomes, and help others do the same. Leaders know that the quality of the journey — for everyone — is what truly matters.
PN Leaders live with integrity. They live their values and principles, honestly and authentically. They don’t say one thing and do something else.
PN Leaders lead by learning. They’re not afraid to make mistakes or fall down — even in front of other people. They suck it up, dust themselves off, and keep marching forward.
I wanna be a leader too!
Some leaders are born. But most are made through experience and practice.
If you want to develop your own leadership abilities, start acting like a leader in small daily ways. (Even if you don't feel like a leader just yet!)

So if this sounds good to you, tell me and let's do this together in 2018.