Faced with The Viper Challenge in 2013, The Honey Badgers were brought together for the first time with one goal - to train for and conquer the 20km military style obstacle race. The workouts which Founder and Coach Felix put together were designed to spur us on both physically and mentally.

What also came forth was a beautiful surprise; the powerful positivity, team spirit and camaraderie which can only occur from training in a community. Growing in a group also saw our members growing as individuals. Realizing this, we continue to train together up to this day.

Honey Badgers warmly welcome everyone and anyone who aspires to achieve a better version of themselves to join us in our workout sessions. 

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Our Values

An admirable physique and impressive performance are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of physical training. One is also endowed both physically and mentally with confidence, strength, endurance, strong work ethics and much more. In striving toward becoming better versions of ourselves, these values acquired are bound to overflow with abundance onto everything that you do – be it career, relationship or life in general.

Rather than purely aiming for physical accomplishments, we should also strive to grow in character ; for what you have in the present or stand to gain in the future depends on it. Transforming oneself to become exceptional sparks an immense growth in character.

With this, we present the values that the Honey Badgers were originally founded upon. The following are 8 core values which serve as the moral compass for all of our decisions.


I. Camaraderie

Fostering the spirit of good friendship & loyalty.

II. Guidance & Encouragement

Having a genuine concern for the growth of others.

III. Respect and humility

Giving due regard for the feelings, wishes, and rights of those around us.

IV. Best effort

Having the courage to pursue something that you want, even if it seems impossible at first.

V. Passion

Always remember your reasons for starting when the times get rough.

VI. Positivity

Making the choice to focus on the good side of everything.

VII. Play

Have fun. Workouts are an activity engaged in for recreation.

VIII. Integrity

Upholding your beliefs by walking the talk.


Our Mission

We want to spread the love of fitness and concept of communal workout to the public. People do various kinds of activities for fulfilment ; some go to clubs, while others go watch movies or drink with friends - we play and find fulfilment in working out. 

Members of the Honey Badgers come from all walks of life and do workouts at their own respective gyms, but every Saturday night at 6.30pm we gather at a pay-per-entry gym to do the kind of tough workout that we wouldn't otherwise do alone. Regular exposure to these workout challenges in combination with the camaraderie of working out in a community of like-minded individuals pushes us to heights that are very difficult to reach on our own. In addition, this improves our mental strength, character and physical body

Benefits of being a Honey Badger also includes the privilege to be a part of a community of like-minded, positive and highly motivated individuals, as well as receiving high quality guidance and coaching from passionate, seasoned Badgers (many of whom are qualified personal trainers/coaches outside of the community). Members of the Honey Badgers also get access to daily WODs (workout of the day) that members can follow. 

In the long run, we also hope to produce Elite level Badgers that will carry our name into fitness competitions and be role models that other Badgers can look up to.

All we ask in return, is that every member of the community bring with them the spirit of learning and energy to give back to the community and motivate other new members who may come along.