in a nutshell

Its about community. A place to meet up once every week. 
For most, it's about having fun, and for some, it's about opening new horizons.

Some likes the pain while some just wanted to try. For some, they just want to get their workouts in.

Some came to throw down with someone else, or maybe to throw down with themselves.
A few came just to watch, to see what's the buzz all about.

It costs so little, and everyone's welcomed to join.

For us its about giving - we have something amazing to share.
Not everyone have access to good quality coaching due to time or financial commitments.
BadgerWOD Open Sessions allows the people this. 

RM5 per entry.

Once a week to learn, play and grow.



The movements we do use large amounts of muscles all at once - when you're doing a 'leg' exercise, you may not be doing just legs! 
There may also be movements that require you to perform combos of different exercises in one.
That's not even the hard part.

You'll be doing things which are not only difficult; you'll be doing them with speed.
You'd be moving serious weights for high reps, and the program will have you finish it within a short time.

Its a very intense workout that makes it difficult to maintain good form! 
Done correctly it is safe and very effective, hence we are perfectionists when it comes to technique.

We spend a lot of time teaching.
Our 'workouts' take nothing more than 30 minutes, but the whole Session takes much longer -
this is because the first hour is spent just teaching, reviewing and improving new or pre-existing techniques. 

Once learned though, they can be used forever.  

15 minutes after will be spent to just pick the correct scaling for everybody, and the seniors help out with this.
After that, another 15 minutes to organise all the participating Badgers into waves. 

And then the workout starts.

Over here you and your friends learn how to exercise with the correct intensity - not too hard and not too easy, as well as proper movements...AND perhaps the most important thing which is the spirit of community. 

We teach new Badgers so that they can in turn teach other new Badgers wherever they are - their own gyms or wherever it is they train at.
It matters not, what's important is that the message of fitness gets across.

And this is how we give back to society.



There are two sessions every Saturday - 10am and 3pm.

Each person pays their own gym entry fee, which is RM5, and another RM5 contribution to the coach on duty.

Sandbox, which is the term we use to describe the technique portion of the workout, starts at 10am/3pm sharp.
This will take an hour.

Everything else takes about one to one and a half hours.

If you haven't been to one of our Saturday sessions, we hope to see you soon!