in a nutshell

Its all about getting you to your ideal body.

Ideal body could mean being able to do whatever it is you want it to do, or simply look better.

The definition of a 'toned body' is a body that has adequate muscles and low body fat.

Someone 'ripped' has even more muscles, and even less fat.

Strength training builds or maintains muscles, depending on your diet. 

Metabolic conditioning workouts (cardio) burns more calories, which leads to more fat loss.

Different people need different ratios of strength:metcon workouts in order  to get their ideal body, because different people have different ratios of muscle:fat.

We provide coaching for both strength as well as metcon workouts in the form of micro group classes. We prescribe ratios personalised to you so that you can achieve your ideal body in the most optimal time. 

These classes are called 'Closed Sessions' because only Badgers with packages are able to reserve slots for these sessions, and we have a maximum of 6 people per class.



Normally sessions with a trainer take you from warm up to cool down, with the actual 'work' happening in the region of 30-40 minutes if you have an hour with a trainer. The rest is pretty much just warm up and talking as the coach explains and demonstrates how to do the workout.

We see no sense charging people to just watch them do stuff that they can do on their own (stretch 5-10 minutes, practice movements 10-20 minutes, etc, blehhh), so we only charge for the workout itself - something that requires our presence to supervise technique - and this takes just 30 minutes for a high-intensity workout such as ours. 

This allows us to give good quality training, while allowing for a more sustainable price range.



Show up 30 minutes before class

Spend 10 minutes mobilising using the Badger Drill

If you're hardworking - Spend the other 20 minutes doing your own personalised Pre-WOD which is prescribed by your coach

Join the class (30 minutes)

Optional - Join another class (30 minutes)

Finished. Go home. Too much work is bad for you.





Famous Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: If I join two classes back to back, wouldn't it be boring?
A: You shouldn't join two SAME classes back to back, that will be bad for you. We have two types of classes - LIFT and BOLT, and you should join either the LIFT class first, or the BOLT class first. 

Q: ...wouldn't it be too strenuous?
A: Activities done inside LIFT and BOLT uses different energy pathways. LIFT, as it's name implies, focuses more on weightlifting - low reps, heavier weights (if you're proficient with the movements), more rest and more time for communication. It is all about getting strong. BOLT uses more reps, lighter weights, less rest (if any) and instructions are given in short, quick burst. It is all about getting fast and lean.

Q: Would attending just one class reduce the effectiveness of the program?
A: NO! You need your own personalised ratio of strength:metcon training that fits your time and commitment levels, so the whole idea is that with the amount of time you're willing to workout with, spending it here will be the best usage of your time. If you can't join LIFT + BOLT together in a single day, then your coach will assign a suitable Pre-WOD that will allow you to make the best use of your time. Speak with your coach to learn more. 

Q: Is 30 minutes really enough to see results?
A: Results is proportionate to and equivalent to intensity, which is defined as amount of work done over time. The more work you get done within a time frame, the more results you get.  As long as your workout intensity is enough within that 30 minutes, you will definitely see results.

Q: Are you sure your workouts intense enough?
A: Why don't you come on over and find out ;)

Q: What if your workouts are TOO intense?
A: Our workouts' intensities are scaled to your own fitness level based on the experience of our coaches, so no, it won't be TOO intense. What you do will not be as difficult as the what your seniors do, but you will all experience the same level of 'intensity'.

Q: What's LIFT?
A: See the description of LIFT here.

Q: What's BOLT?
A: See the description of BOLT here.

Q: What are Pre-WODs?
A: We wanted to keep in line with our core value of delivering justice so we only charge for things that you need - and this mainly comes in the form of our coaching (time spent with you). Things we do that will fix your weaknesses, get you stronger, or make you more skilled at executing movements (practising it) are usually things that require you to do it over and over again for a length of routines and drills are commonplace in our coaching system. However, once learned you wouldn't need us to be with you for the next one hundred times that you'll be doing it, so to charge you for something like that is unfair. Enter the Pre-WOD. Pre-WODs are specially designed and prescribed routines given to you by your Coach for you to do before the actual WOD starts. You are expected to come in 30 minutes before class, mobilise following a prescribed warm up sequence, and finish your Pre-WOD prior to class. 

Q: Why are these classes called Closed Sessions?
A: Closed Sessions are micro group personal training sessions that allows for more effective coaching. They are called Closed Sessions because only clients with packages with us are allowed to book the Closed Session classes, and also because we only accept up to 6 pax maximum.