We the Honey Badgers are an Organisation founded upon the tenets of giving. If each of us can help at least two individuals to be proficient in their movements and knowledgeable in their fitness, we can create a culture where everybody no matter how new they are to fitness can get to where they want to be with hard work and dedication.

Where money and effort is always well spent - invested, never wasted. 

A Culture where fitness is general knowledge. A knowledge that cannot be monopolized by greedy corporations or arrogant individual trainers. We maintain that fitness centers should be a business of consultation or service. And people pay NOT for the purpose of gaining knowledge, but for the purpose of freedom. We do the thinking so The People don't have to.

Our culture must ideally be multi-layered and never stopped. One should help two, two to four, four to eight, and so on for as long as it can.

Maybe some are content to just take, to just learn. Perhaps they are held back by other priorities or lack the necessary experience or confidence in showing the way. However, it's always been that when someone immerse themselves in the lifestyle, they eventually and naturally take on the role of mentors to the less experienced.

Instances such as these should be celebrated; a metamorphosis of a taker into a giver.

We recognize the givers, and in our effort to nurture the culture of giving, we will reward these leaders so that they can in turn nurture other potential leaders in the making. Here's how it will work:

Upon facility opening, we have two locations for our Saturday BadgerWOD - Subang and Petaling Jaya. We shall have two teams, each operating at the different locations. The Subang BadgerWOD is currently being conducted at QLS Fitness in Kelana Jaya, while the PJ location is in our facility itself.

Every Saturday, the attendance for each location shall be taken, and every year the location with the most overall attendance shall win a prize.

The prize will be in the form of a free holiday trip for the entire team. 

The money for this holiday comes from HBCF itself. Every Saturday the money that we collect at the facility after giving back to the coaches on duty shall be kept in a 'piggy bank' of sorts. At the end of our financial year we break open this piggy bank and see how much we collected.

The scale of the holiday will depend on how much $ we have raised throughout the entire year. Small amount = small trip. Large amount = big trip. 

The range can go from an all-expense paid trip to Crossfit Mayhem for 2-3 days to meet the fittest man alive (for everyone in the team), or a simple partially sponsored trip to Penang for makan-makan! 

The higher the head count, the bigger the Reward!

To the Coaches:

At the end of the day, HB Organisational philosophy is that loyalty to the cause shall always be rewarded. We are constantly finding new ways to further this ideal. We want to be your long term plan. We each have our vision to fight for, and together we shall make it happen.

To the People:

We want to make things right. Revolutionize the way people think about fitness. There are so many information online nowadays that people should not be walking round in circles anymore, but they are. You are in a position to help the public learn how to achieve their goals. You can be part of the fight against ignorance. Help us to help other people just the way we have helped all of those who have come before us in our Saturday WODs. Together we can create an enlightened society of very knowledgeable, very healthy people.  If you believe in freedom, in health, in freeing knowledge, we invite you to join us in our mission to help the world.