Fitness Transformation Blueprint

This is a 90-120 minutes consultation…where it’s truly a consultation. NOT a sales presentation. We’re saying this because we know there’s a lot of sales-y, hard-selling meetups out there disguised as ‘consultations’ - and that’s also probably what you’re half-expecting.

I want to say that is not who we are.

This session will be helpful. It will be impactful. And you will learn things you otherwise wouldn’t learn by yourself. After doing 1,000+ sessions like this, we can guarantee it.

This consultation is FREE. And there IS a catch at the end of it, and I will explain in just a bit. For now, read on to understand what this is all about.

Still with me? Cool.

In this 1:1 session with me, we will work together to do three things:

1) Figure out where you're at

2) Understand where you want to be

3) Create a 90 day action plan to get you there

We will also help you figure out what to do across these areas of your fitness:

  • Your personalized Exercise format and strategy

  • Your Nutrition strategy

  • What kind of Mindset you need in order to Make Fitness Easy

You’re basically getting all the info you need to avoid wasting any time, money, and effort in your fitness journey. We literally don’t know how to make this any more attractive than that. If this sounds good to you, then go ahead and click that button down there to schedule it now.

So What’s The Catch?

Well, we’re looking for people to coach. At the end of the session - ONLY IF YOU LIKE THE IDEA - we will propose a plan using the strategy we laid out in the consultation.

If the investment doesn’t meet your budget - no biggie.

…Though it IS very affordable compared to most boutique gyms out there.

That’s it folks - it is that simple and straightforward.