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Factors to consider: your schedule, time, body, fitness, location, preference, goals, etc.

So many conflicting advice on the net with millions of answers.

Who has time for all that?

Let us figure it out for you.

From 30kg squat to Powerlifting World Record Holder, gained muscle and lost fat without dieting.

Busy business owner lost 4kg by doing less exercise.

Lost 3 inches and gained the body that she's been longing for.

Recovered from yo-yo dieting and developed a healthy, sustainable relationship with food.

In this 1:1 Assessment you'll:

  • Get an EXACT IDEA where you stand relative to your fitness goals & how much work you have ahead of you!
  • Learn about our powerful methods to achieve your goals.

  • Create clarity over what should be done and get started immediately.

  • How to save THOUSANDS of ringgit on gym memberships/personal training fees, & get fit in the SHORTEST time possible.

  • Understand the RIGHT EXERCISES for the results you want and avoid wasting time doing the unnecessary.


Qualified participants in our assessment will also get the opportunity to work with one of our elite "HB Super Coaches" on a more permanent basis.



Kelvin Yeoh, Senior Coach at HBCF busy with the details of an Assessment Session.

Kelvin Yeoh, Senior Coach at HBCF busy with the details of an Assessment Session.

Qualified coaches will take care of you from the very start as they assess your goals, needs, and psychology, and implement for you the correct path forward, so that you save maximum time, money and effort while reaping the rewards of a low-risk, high-return partnership with HB.

With unique dedicated behavioral change systems, proprietary Fitness Assessment & Strategy System, with world class movement techniques, you can be safe in the knowledge that we got your back, and rest easy in the simplicity of it all.

You will get:

  • Detailed Goal & Fitness Assessment and strategy discussion before implementation of program.
  • Perfect CLARITY on directions to be taken to see results.
  • Save yourself time and hassle in figuring out how to do everything.
  • RESULTS GUARANTEED or your money back.
  • Nutritional and lifestyle coaching.
  • Supportive Community of like-minded individuals.
  • Best results based on your budget, schedule, preference and lifestyle.

"Join a community of diverse individuals from all backgrounds as you embark on your journey of learning and discovery." 

- Felix, Founder of HB Coaching Facility

What are your fees? Class schedule? Do you guys do PT? Are you Crossfit?

It depends on YOU. Come fo an Assessment to find out more.

How We Do It

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What Others Are Saying

"Great class with lots of attention to form. Was given alot of corrections to make sure I understand and perform the work outs correctly. Trainer to customer ratio was low which made it feel almost like a personal training session. Lots of passion from the instructors! Highly recommended."

- Marisha Naz

"Not your typical, boring gym. I have never been to a gym with such attentive trainers before, and this has truly made the difference for me. The custom workout program allowed me to improve on my technique, and progress on to more advance exercises. I am amazed at what I can lift right now!

When I couldn’t perform a movement, they would scale down the exercise, providing me with a variation that allowed me to build up to the main exercise. After training consistently for a month, I had visibly lost weight, gained definition, and was eating more healthily. I feel more energized and confident these days.

Honey Badgers has completely changed the way I train. I have never looked forward to going to a gym until I joined them. The classes are great, and my enthusiasm is beginning to show in my physique too. I can't recommend Honey Badgers enough!"

- Tey C, PR Specialist

"A place where dreams will be achieved.  I have been with BadgerFitness for about 2 months,  and I find the work out fun as it pushes me to the limit and over. Absolutely loved how the post-workout are tailored to my fitness target.

The experience here was awesome. Even though my trainer Kelvin was super helpful, other trainers will help and advise when my form is wrong. That kind of support is just priceless. Keep up the great work."

- Putra Azian, Lacrose player

I met Felix at my first gym as he was one of the coaches there. I started with him when I was barely able to do a single push up, and eventually got to where I am today! He was never afraid to push my boundaries and go hard, and I got my ‘kiasuness’ from his faith towards me that I can do anything when I put my mind to it!!

I am actually among the first members who started Honey Badgers from back in the days of Viper Challenge…and I am impressed at how much we’ve grown into such a big organization. I mean in the beginning we were just a group of friends working out together. Some of you have been looking at fitness pictures and wanting to be just like that for ages…stop wondering!!! You can do it with the Honey Badgers! You are invited into this healthy community living. Join today, not tomorrow or New Year. Sign up now.

Nadia Anuar, TV Host

"The feeling of touching my arms and my collar bone, flexing in the mirror and even though it's so stupid, I feel so happy! Nowadays I just like poking my belly to feel the hidden tough abs, and grabbing my own booty lol!

It's so different these days. I've gained so much strength, and can DO things with such little effort in my daily life such as pushing the heavy fire door with ONE HAND, grabbing more grocery bags and even my laptop bag seems to be lighter...words alone can't exactly describe how I feel nowadays."

- Michelle Teh

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