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HEADLINE: Have you been making time?


Here’s a true story.


There was once a lady who engaged a fitness trainer.


She told her trainer that she was determined to burn some fat and tone up her body, so he said “Alright!”, gave her a big high five, welcomed her in and did all the necessary.


Everyone was excited to start.


There was only one problem though: she doesn’t have any suitable shoes. So prior to her first session the trainer informed her that for her own safety in the gym, she is required to wear suitable shoes, and advised her on where to get one.


She agreed.


On her first training session, she showed up in slippers again. She said she “don’t have time” to go buy. Trainer was quite lenient at the time, so he allowed her to train barefoot.


For the next half a dozen sessions after that however, she continuously showed up in only her slippers. Each time he talked to her, she would explain how busy she was and how it is impossible to actually find the time to buy a pair of shoes (see what happened there?).


She would complain about not being able to afford fancy shoes, to which he replied that a usable pair of shoes can go as low as RM50 a pair and it’ll serve the purpose, since she’s only working out twice a week.

She would then say that she doesn’t have TIME to go buy, to which the trainer personally offered to buy for her the next time he goes shopping.


She would go on and on about how impossible it is to find the time to buy shoes, and every solution was met with a new problem.


And when she couldn’t come up with any other solution, she simply stopped working out altogether.


9 months later, she showed up again slightly…fluffier and asked to resume training. Without shoes, of course.


And all the while she kept saying she couldn’t find time, she could somehow find the time to go on holiday trips, supervise the renovation of her new apartment, and workout once a week.


If we think about it, rather than quitting training just to avoid another conversation about her lack of shoes, she could have just skipped a single session to accommodate the time to go buy one (and it was definitely suggested to her.)


There is an important lesson to this story. What this lady missed to understand is that we (humans) are governed by the kind of ‘stories’ we tell ourselves.


If you tell yourself that you’re the kind of person who never misses a workout, then you won’t.


If you tell yourself that you’re the kind of person who will never find the time to buy a pair of shoes, then you won’t.

From now on, tell yourself that you’re the kind of person who makes time to do the necessary.


And this is important: do not confuse making time with finding time.


Finding time is about looking at your schedule and see where you can ‘fit this in’. It’s about doing something ‘IF time permits’.


The ‘finding time’ mentality has never been enough to move people forward because there will ALWAYS be something that will take your time away from you. It doesn’t work, and likely never will.


Making time is about rearranging and reprioritizing.


It’s about making adjustments by actively creating the room to put what’s important forward, and sacrificing what’s less important.


When you make time, anything is possible. If you don’t, there can be a million different reasons on how you don’t have time to do what you need to do.


-          Have you been making time, or finding time?

-          Have you made time to reach each sentence of today’s message closely, or were you ‘skimming through’?

-      Is there something you've been making time for that has been damaging to your fitness and health?

-          What’s the easiest thing that you can MAKE TIME for, that will benefit your fitness and your health?


What’s up next week – how to best use the time that you’ve made for maximum efficiency.


Until next time,

Badger Guru

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