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HEADLINE: The most important lesson about Fat Loss.


Albert Einstein once said that if he had an hour to solve a problem, he would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask, and 5 minutes on the solution.


Today, if someone Google-d “How to lose fat?”, the reply would be “About 71, 200, 000 results (0.58 seconds).”


Imagine this. Over 71 MILLION answers on the topic of how to lose fat. And the numbers are only growing each day.


This is a problem for you because among these 71 million answers to fat burn, which will be the one to work for you? You can’t expect to try it all one by one.


The problem with fitness is not the lack of answers, but the fact that there are too many answers.


After having the opportunity of over 8 years in thinking things through, I’ve seen that in every new answer, there is another answer that preceded it.


As an example, the question of “What’s the best program to burn fat?” is preceded by “What’s suitable for you?”, and to answer that, you need to ask “What is the biggest contributor to your problem right now?”. And so on and so forth.


Fast forward many years which is where I’m at right now, I find myself getting back to the most primal of questions that led to a kind of answer that makes people go ‘Of course!’


For every 10 that says ‘Of course!’ however, perhaps only 1 actually practices this to the fullest.


This simple answer is to make time.


Sure I can talk all day about other stuff like meal timing, frequency, and protein intake. We can also spend time debunking myths or give simple daily tips that you can do. 


But these are the exact same things that the 71 million websites out there are already talking about. 


Granted, there’s a lot to learn. But fat loss is not about how much you know. No amount of knowledge will work unless the fundamentals of practicing your knowledge is put to work. 


Which is why we chose to talk about this one very basic but often overlooked subject instead.


You already want to burn fat. Now you need to make time to do what you need to do. 


There are people who TALK about burning fat, and then there are people who actually do it.


Fat loss is about making time to actually do it. Which leads me to the next point.


But first, reflect on what we just talked about. 


- Do you believe that you are someone who practices the principle of using time to the fullest?

- How you been putting your knowledge to good use? 

- What fat-burning methods have you tried in the past? 

- How long were you consistently making time for it? 

- What are the kind of questions you’ve been asking about fat loss prior to this?

- What is the most important question you should ask yourself from this point onwards?


Make time. Think about these questions (and everything we’ve said), and we'll meet again next week with more fresh perspectives about getting fat loss results.


Until next time,

Badger Guru

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