Tired of seeing hard-working, well-meaning people struggle in maintaining their consistency in fitness, we are hosting an INSANE campaign with Cash Prizes and Hall Of Fame victories for all Badgers training in and outside of HBCF.

Gyms everywhere love the new year resolutions because they know that within 30 days more than half would have given up.

We don't like that.

We want to BEAT the convention and reward people for remaining consistent - and see results.

Let us train you to be 'unfuckwithable' by participating in this transformation challenge.

Inspire your friends and family with your results, and get rewarded in the process.

Male & Female Best Revolutionaries of 2017 gets:
- Prize Money (tentatively at least RM1k)
- Professional Photoshoot to commemorate your victory
- Induction into 'HB Wallhalla'...the HB Hall Of Fame
- And other surprise gifts.

How to join?

Simply sign up for this program and send us a submission form to tell your coach you want to join the HB Revolution.

The Secret Of Consistency.

Does life keep getting in the way of your fitness routine? Do you have a problem with procrastination?

Are you having a difficult time 'resisting' treats? Are you seeing slow results because you can't control your eating?

Or are you a pro at getting results, but not able to maintain it?

Read on.

Why Is This Happening?

Because: Life.

One of my biggest epiphanies came when I was busy building HB+

We were growing and I was taking on more work sooner than expected. Between training new coaches, doing renovation and handling inquiries, I was getting burned out.

I was skipping workouts. I started drinking a lot. And my nutrition had gone to hell. It was showing.

During a break after 12+ hours' of work, complaining about life, a question struck me:

Should I really be this stressed?

As a small business owner, why was I so stressed about time when even Barrack Obama had the ability to make time to exercise?

He worked longer hours than me. 

His problems were bigger than mine.

His responsibilities were bigger than mine.

He even has family commitments. I don't. 

If we think about it, we realize that there will always be people in the world who are busier than us, with more responsibilities and even less time - yet more zen.

The ones who are successful at life tend to be those who can handle things very well. With calm, and with efficiency.

People are not happy because they are successful - they are successful because they are happy.

Shit Happens.

Life isn't about avoiding. It's about dealing. And there are two ways we can deal with life.

One way is to 'de-stress'. This is the easy way, and tend to create non-conducive habits such as:

  • Drinking.
  • Having permanent daily appointments with Netflix (gasp!).
  • Binge eating.
  • Skipping training in favor of non-productive activities.
  • Or any other activities detrimental to your results.

All negative things add up...and before you know it - no time!

And while these activities do help us to relieve stress, they neither remove it, nor help us permanently - because whenever we stop, the pleasure of doing it stops - and we relapse into stress again. 

Just like its physical counterpart, when we don't continuously train our stress management 'muscles', it loses strength and the ability to handle load. 'De-stressing' may help in the short term, but not in the long term. 

The second way - the better way - is to build ourselves up to handle life, and fitness, better.

Why? Because when your mind is strong and you are unfuckwithable, your body simply comes along for the ride.


  • Waking up full of confidence a year from now, feeling totally indestructible as you go about your daily life.
  • Having discipline & clarity so strong, no situation breaks you.
  • A will so great you can accomplish anything.
  • You're so focused that your results - and your life - seem to work for you no matter what.

Wouldn't it be great if that was possible? Because it is.

When it comes to fitness, health and nutrition, it's not enough to just know what to do or how to do it. It's also important to learn how to feel good doing it.

If you don't FEEL GOOD doing something, it never lasts. So if you've been inconsistent or telling yourself that you're 'lazy', I assure you, it's only because you didn't know about this. So let me tell you what you can do to change your mindset so that your default setting itself is one which takes you to success on autopilot.

"You didn't follow my program" - Every trainer in history.

Consistency CAN Be Fixed.

Unfortunately, most people do not know this. The fitness industry has mastered the art of putting the blame back on customers.

If a client can't follow a program, it's because the program was too tough. But I don't think it's client's fault at all. And yet, we keep hearing things like:

"You didn't follow my program." 

What's worse, you believed that. Which is why most people try, fail, try again, fail again, and repeat that over and over again until they simply give up for good.

And I don't want this to happen to you.

The good news is that with the right training and conditioning, you can fix this problem.

You can be calm and focused no matter what happens in your life. You can be...'unfuckwithable'.

The 3-Point Road To 'Unfuckwithability'.

#1 - The Spark

A lot of people lose motivation and become demotivated, but what people don't know is that this is easily solved. Let me give you my 'secret' formula for motivation.

Motivation = (Vision + Plan) x Action

The secret behind 'feeling motivated' is when you have a vision of your future self and a plan to get there. Then taking ACTIONS to start accumulating victories.

If you haven't heard this already, motivation doesn't happen before action. Most people go about this the wrong way - they kept waiting for motivation to appear FIRST before taking action. Truth is, we must take action before motivation can come!

The way it works: small actions produces small results that snowballs into something bigger. 'Victories' add up. We feel encouraged, and we start taking even more actions. Bigger actions that makes bigger results. 'Motivation' is generated.

Take your first small action by signing up to this HB Revolution challenge today.

#2 - The Vision

Taking actions is GREAT. But first, you need to have a vision. Otherwise, your actions will take you nowhere.

What would your future self be like 1 year from now? What would your health and body look like? What would you be doing? What kind of adventures would you be having? How would your mind work? And in order for your future self to be realized, what would you need to do today?

In HB Revolution I want you to dream. DREAM like the Revolutionaries of ages past and let this Revolution be a spark that gets you closer to the vision of your ideal self.

#3 - The Plan

Finally, without a plan, mistakes can happen - and that can be demotivating.

You need three things:

  1. The right fitness training
  2. The right nutrition coaching
  3. The right mindset & behavior so that your default setting is one which is conducive for results.

To ensure you take the right actions, we created a plan for you.

We want to arm you with the weapons necessary to tackle life itself. We want you to be a pro at handling life!

If you are a client at HBCF, you already got a Bespoke Fitness training plan. Great. Now it's time to complement your arsenal with the right nutrition and the right mindset, so that you can handle everything that life throws at you.

So again - you need to have a Spark, a Vision, and a Plan.

Introducing the HB Revolution .


HB Revolution is a One-Year Transformation Coaching program that rewards people for being consistent.

For the purpose of this program we use ProCoach, an online software with built-in nutrition & mindset training curriculum based on personalized client behavioral profile developed by Precision Nutrition, the world's most respected educator in fitness nutrition and most successful online coaching organisation of its kind. 

This partnership between HB and PN is extremely powerful. The PN methodology that has transformed over 45,000 lives across 8 years is now accessible to Badgers across the planet, culminating in a 'Trifecta' of Fitness - Exercise, Nutrition & Psychology - that guarantees consistency. In both action-taking, and results.

ProCoach is the only mechanism we are using to keep track of all the before/after photos and measurements.


ProCoach Coaching for Men

  • Join the HB Revolution by signing up for our Behavioral Nutrition coaching program & sending us a submission form (button below).
  • We will be collecting Before & After photos all throughout the year from participants of the program.
  • We will be coaching nutrition & mindset in addition to any other Bespoke Fitness training programs currently being used by existing clients.
  •  We will be tracking consistency & results, and reward the most consistent Revolutionaries of the year. 

ProCoach Coaching for Women

Transformation stories are inspirational - when they are from regular Joes and Janes whose #1 priority isn't fitness.

As such, we call these extraordinary heroes who lead and inspire others...'HB Revolutionaries'!

HB Revolution Is Now Open To Both New And Existing Clients Alike.

New to HB - You can sign up by doing an assessment with one of our coaches. They will tell you the rest.

Existing Badgers - all you need to do is sign up for our Behavioral Nutrition coaching program. The software will take care of the rest.

Students of our Behavioral Nutrition coaching program are transformed from the inside. This isn't just any ordinary meal-plan giving 'nutrition' program. This is a coaching to arm you to handle LIFE itself, so that no matter what happens you can stay FOCUSED on your fitness. 


(Bonus Reading)

P.S. The Unseen Problem Of The Health & Fitness Industry.

The problem with mindset is rampant in the fitness. There are too many people who blame themselves for falling off their fitness journey, and businesses are conveniently letting this be after they've already earned what they can from the consumers.

But blaming people - either themselves, or others - solves nothing. And whatever the cause is, the fact remains that giving up = failure. And failure is COMPLETELY preventable with the right mindset and the right coaching. 

Too many people go about fitness the wrong way. The 'all out or nothing' way.

This outdated strategy is not only damaging in the long term, but also has a high chance of failure. Not only that, people who fail when using this ineffective mental model tend to resign...forever.

Desperation and fear of failure has driven the economics of the fitness industry - and consumers - for decades, escalating into quick-fix solutions that causes the body all kinds of long-term problems. Detox? MRPs? Extreme dieting? (Drugs?)

Is it a wonder then, that one of my clients spent more than 20k on diet programs before she met me?

And I'm glad that's over. Because she has since more than quadrupled her results spending less than 1/10th of that price.

And for as long as people remain gullible, the problem will never be solved.

Up top: Spent 20k with nothing to show.

How Many More Must There Be?

WhatsApp Image 2016-12-22 at 4.48.21 PM.jpeg

You know those beauty spas you call 'gyms'? Let me tell you a little secret:

They absolutely LOVE New Year Resolutions.

Why? Because they know that 92% of resolutions fail.

And by 30th January alone almost HALF would have dropped out.

But it won't matter because by then they've already gotten a ton of new members on contracts...they've already got your money.

You asked for monthly fees, so they gave it to you. 

By giving you what you want rather than what you need, they know that you will pay more money in the long run.

And they don't have do anything about the status quo because it's convenient to give you what you think you want while they bamboozle you into believing that a 2-Year Unlimited Contract is value for money.

All these points to only one things...

Businesses generally don't care about your long term success. And if everybody smartened up, businesses would have to do so as well.

Enough Is Enough.

If you are someone who has been paying for gym memberships but don't go, you're not alone.

In an average gym, 90% of the people who pay monthly gym subscriptions don't show up regularly, but pay the full price. This means all the fancy facilities used by the 10% are paid by the 90% of the members that don't. They're literally being 'subsidized'.

To me, this is sad. And very unfair. Which is why we don't have 'unlimited' packages over here at HBCF.

I speak for everyone when I say we are SICK of the current status quo. We are :

  • Tired of yo-yo transformations that lasts no more than a year.
  • Exhausted from seeing people GIVING UP over perfectly fixable situations. 
  • Disillusioned by businesses who don't care about adding value, and only focused on capitalizing on the ignorance of the public.

This year you and me; we fight against ignorance.

  • For the 90% who have been subsidizing the workouts of the 10%.
  • For people who are disappointed by empty promises.
  • For those who have been swindled out of their hard-earned cash.

In 2017...take a stand. Declare your own personal Independence Day. Let's break the cycle of wishful thinking and democratize your fitness journey. I want you to know that no matter what happens, you are the President Of Your Life.

So I urge you to take back control over the direction of your fitness. You deserve it.

Setting goals are for pussies.

Vision -> Action -> Results. This is not a goal. This is a Revolution.

Let us arm you with the tools necessary to make this happen. And let's get rid of fear, procrastination, ignorance. 

And lets replace that instead with courage, focus & clarity.

To your success,