Bespoke fitness


Bespoke fitness



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What we do?

Idea is to be the best solution to your fitness needs.

Whatever your schedule is, specific limitations, fitness level or goals, we want to help! 

  • We give you an assessment.
  • And a proposal on how we think we can best tackle your problems.
  • Then we quote you a price.
  • If you like it, results are guaranteed within 30 days or your money back .

Your first meeting is with a coach.

You come in for an assessment so that both you and the coach know where you stand relative to your goals. This is important because the workout plan that you follow is proposed until a mutual agreement is reached.  

Sound like it might cost a lot? It actually isn’t. 

Introducing Honey Badgers Coaching Facility. Malaysia’s first Bespoke Fitness training center! Here, everything you will work because it is made FOR you. 

What else is cool about us? Well, everything we do here is also built around the idea of sustainability. 

Our price, culture, programs and environment is different from normal gyms!

  • We created a versatile price range where just about everyone can enjoy good quality training.
  • We coach everyone to behave so that you don’t suffer those ‘weird gym’ moments. Instead, enjoy meeting like-minded, driven people who care about results just as much as you do. Train together, have fun in the process, and allow others to motivate you.
  • Whatever program we give you require your first hand approval. Here we don’t believe in forcing programs down peoples’ throats. 
  • Our place looks good! We believe in creating a place where you will feel like ‘coming home’ to! We even got a bar for you to hangout and mix your own suppli-mocktails (supptails) after workouts. Check out the photos!


the reason why we want to talk to you today is to offer you a limited time offer of a single session 1-1 personal assessment. 

In this assessment you'll get:

  • A workout
  • An exact idea of where you stand relative to your fitness goals. We’ll also tell you how much work you have ahead of you to get there
  • A 1:1 consultation session where you get to ask any and all questions you may have about fitness to the coach who’s doing your session for you. 
  • Clear picture of how you can move forward along your fitness journey. No more wasting time confusing over what should be done!

Normally a one to one session usually costs RM165. AND there’s a minimum amount of sessions you’d need to buy at once – we don’t prefer doing 1-off businesses here. But today this 1:1 session with one of our trainers can be yours to schedule for only


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Are we eating enough protein? How much calories are those canais? How much carbs are there in that milo ais?

It’s obvious that results depend heavily on what you eat, and how much.

Eat too much and you won’t burn fat. Eat too little - you don’t build muscle. This is exactly the reason why our friend Kedric Kwan wrote this article

Armed with this knowledge we set out to finally get our results…until we eat out and hit a weird spot.


It’s difficult to know how much (or how little!) we are ingesting when we eat out – which is why we collaborated with Kedric to create this mini-guide for you!

At ZERO charge, despite the hours we put in to research our local cuisine, we bring you:

*drum roll*

How To EYEBALL Your Macros!

In this guide you will learn:

  •  The fundamentals of nutrition macronutrients
  • Their roles in your body
  • How to identify macros in food (wherever you are); and
  • How to calculate macros like a BOSS


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