Looking For: HB Trainer

As a Trainer in Honey Badgers Coaching you are responsible for supporting HB students see results, whether it’s helping them break their personal record, refining their techniques, or simply making it easy to be consistent! You will be helping the clients know what to do at all times across their fitness journey.

About Honey Badgers

Honey Badgers Coaching is a school that teaches everything a person needs to learn about fitness, in order to make fitness effective AND sustainable. We cover exercise, nutrition, mindset, and people’s relationship with fitness. We come up with innovative new approaches to fitness that allows people to save time and effort in their fitness journey, and teach them these tools so their journey is more effective, enjoyable and long lasting.

Working here you’ll be helping people break through their perceived limitations or impossibility, and help them find more confidence and self-worth through fitness.

About The Position

Are you passionate about body transformation to the point it becomes an obsession? Do you aspire to be the catalyst of someone’s fitness transformation? Do you strongly feel that your purpose in life is to teach fitness and help people grow their health and body to the best of their fullest potential? Then this is the job for you.

We create solutions that help make fitness easy for everyday people with real life priorities. We believe what comes between people and their ideal health is a misconception of how fitness works, and because of that they use bad strategies and end up spending unnecessary time, money and effort in their journey. People just need the right ideas and guidance at the right time, and suddenly fitness would be effective. Fitness would be possible, sustainable, and even ‘easy’.

As a HB Trainer in a startup company like Honey Badgers, you will be intimately familiar with all aspects of the business. We are a very transparent company, and we strongly promote a democratic work environment - which means that even as an entry level trainer you STILL get a say in all the decisions we make for company direction.

The most enjoyable part of being a HB Trainer is that you will be on the front row seat of your students’ journey; from their successes to their struggles, to roadblocks and unpredictable challenges that appears in their lives. Helping them going through their journey remains one of the most fulfilling part of being a trainer.


*Current skill level is irrelevant. What matters is if you are willing to take on these responsibilities*

  • Develop a strong understanding of the participants of your class; their goals, physical and mental states, and limitations/challenges

  • Build trusting, quality relationships with your students so they feel comfortable and stay with HB

  • Guide participants through their workouts and support them in the way they want to be supported

  • Make your classes engaging for the participants

  • Educate/remind HB clients & students on HB culture; housekeeping rules, ethics, and policies as and when necessary

  • Inspire and encourage clients to keep coming back to their workouts and use their program

  • Teach the clients how to exercise and use their individual programs properly following the established HB guidelines

  • Run Assessment sessions and create personalized training routines for clients

  • Come up with new or modify existing program to reflect clients’ changing priorities or goals

  • Help clients create action plans to overcome the specific challenges they are facing

  • Monitor client performance and progress to help them know where they stand relative to their goals

  • Take care and look after facility equipment and environment, making sure the training floor is clean and safe during your class

  • Do the necessary process for opening/closing shifts (depending on your assigned schedule)


  • Fitness personal training certification from any globally accredited sources; ACSM/ACE/etc. or at least a strong understanding of human biomechanics. Sports science degree or higher is a huge plus

  • Know how to conduct a training session using verbal and visual cues

  • Intuitively understand what the student needs to know or hear in order to perform their movements properly

  • A thirst for learning, improvement and personal development.

  • Organized and proactive

  • Ability to work with minimal supervision.

  • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal.

  • Flexibility and adaptability when priorities change.

  • Basic understanding of Google Docs and Sheets

  • Willingness to learn new skills

How To Join Our Team

  1. Send us your resume in PDF format. Shortlisted candidates will be asked for an interview

  2. After the interview, we’ll invite you to join 10 classes as a student

  3. Then, you will shadow us to do 10 classes

  4. After that, you will do 10 classes with supervision

  5. Upon completion of Steps 1~4, there will be one last meeting and then you’re on board.

Please Email Your Resume To flexwithmeaning@gmail.com

Your email must include:

  • Name | Contact Number | Email

  • Your resume

  • When can you start

  • Desired pay

  • Instagram & Facebook ID

  • Why you wish to start at Honey Badgers