Three things that Fred do; 

A. Athletes with problem

Fred will determine the cause of pain - whichever muscle/joint that is problematic - and provide pain management to the area. Historically most patients experience immediate relief within the first half of their session. 

After that he runs a full investigation to find out the root cause of the problem. It may be just two levels to the root cause of problem, but sometimes there may very well be as much as 5 levels to the problem - the purpose of this investigation is to find out ALL of the possible levels that contribute to the problem, and fix them. 

E.g., a patello femural pain syndrome (knee pain) may be caused by tightness of the hip muscles, that leads to excessive external rotation of the hip. This is a two-level problem. A multi-level problem is when a flat foot caused the ankle to evert, thus rotating the knee to the side, causing the lateral rotators of the hip to work harder, tightening the glutes which then led to improper form during a squat that cause lower back pain.
  • Immediate pain relief/management
  • Investigation to find out root cause of problem
  • Provide solution to fix the root cause of problem and prevent relapse
  • Teach athlete the know-hows to solve issues in case of relapse

B. Athletes without problem

Athletes NOT suffering from a condition does not need pain management; and will therefore be given a thorough assessment to figure out any and all potential problems they may face with their current mobility. Then, a treatment will be done on the athlete to fix any uncovered issues.

If there are any posture or movement issues that inhibits the athlete's performance, Fred will find it and he will fix it.

Additionally, if you are in competition season Fred will do a checkup and maintenance for accelerated recovery so that you can train at the highest intensity with significantly reduced risks. 

  • Thorough assessment to find any potential problems
  • Sport massage and treatment to fix potential problems
  • Posture and movement correction for increase body efficiency during heightened performance demands
  • Checkup & maintenance for safe performance in competition season

C. Non-athletes

Sedentary individuals or those new to training who sustained injuries usually got it from lifestyle factors (i.e. too much typing/sitting/standing, habitually doing activities that favors only one side of the body, etc.). For cases of injuries, Fred will do to patients what he does for athletes under Item A - Athletes With Problem.

For patients or new trainees who see Fred for health/maintenance purposes, they will be treated with Item B - Athletes Without Problem.





People often think that knowing what to do is the hard part.

In fact, that’s the easy part.

It’s the mindset, habit cultivation and learning to adapt to various situations that is the hard part. That’s what a coach is for.

When you hire Kedric to be your nutrition coach, he not only lets you know what to do in a simple, concise manner; he also teaches you the relevant knowledge so that you know how to think for yourself when faced with unexpected situations.

For athletes or trainees of all levels, backgrounds and goals, Kedric offers:

  • A straightforward approach. 
    He eliminates the noise of nutrition; making it simple to follow and make progress
  • Long term education on how to cope with lifestyle changes
    He understands that the clients are not fixed in a permanent state and will have different fluctuations in their lives. When those arrive, he teaches you how to identify and make the best decisions available to you.
  • Recommendations based on proven nutritional principles
    Kedric utilizes scientifically validated principles to give recommendations.
  • Individualized nutrition ‘blueprint’ based on your specific needs
    ou are physiologically unique from others of your age and gender. Energy demands, lifestyle, athleticism, preferences and schedule are all considered when creating your perfect program.