In December 2015 we unveiled a new fitness service concept known as Bespoke Fitness - a customized fitness regime built specifically around your goals, needs, preferences & schedule.

For the first time ever, clients get to experience coaching close to the quality of 1-to-1 personal training at only 1/8th the price with custom programs, technique coaching as well as nutrition & lifestyle integration.

Now, we take it up to a whole new level. 

Introducing Bespoke 2. 

It is the FIRST comprehensive fitness solution that puts together NOT ONLY personalized regime and great attention in coaching; but also premium nutrition coaching, AND for the first time ever a synergistic combination with mobility maintenance and checkup. This takes the meaning of personal training to a level never before seen - but here's the best part: we are still able to retain the kind of competitive price that conventional 1:1 personal training can never beat. 

We scoured the local fitness scene for specialists who are the best at what they do. If you know anyone better, we want YOU to inform us!

Here's a little information about the two professionals we have specially hand-picked, and why we chose them.

Kedric Kwan, Performance Nutrition.

A nutrition specialist who is also a competitive lifter. A non-conformist by heart, this original thinker does NOT believe in following a strict 'diet'. He doesn't want you to feel deprived! The Maverick has a huge philosophy about enjoying life to its fullest; there's a way YOU can do it while staying healthy, lean and fit (while having ice cream) - and he's here to teach you how to do it. 





Frederick Khoo, Physiotherapy.

Underneath the unassuming persona is a passionate therapist with a desire to make a difference in the local rehab scene. With an ideal of #1t1f (One Touch; One Fix), Fred's goal is to perfect his art to the point where he can fix movement difficulties within a single session - and in doing so he push the limits of science and his own knowledge to the max. He doesn't subscribe to the generally accepted rest-more-do-less-take-meds approach normally employed by standard authorities when it comes to injuries. Instead, he believes in fixing the root cause of the problem in the first place - and that usually comes from doing MORE rather than LESS. 


Whether you are an existing client or a first time Badger-to-be, if you want to know what these two can do for you - CONTACT us now!

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