The Big Problem With Nutrition

Diet sucks. More than 9 out of 10 would never sustain it beyond 3 months. And the majority of those who did, found sub-par results that they couldn't sustain when life happens (they do), and priorities take over.

OTHER issues include:

  • Confusion. The world of nutrition is saturated by novelty. Every Tom, Dick & Harry out there has diet to introduce to the world. And these days you can't even trust so-called 'experts' with PhDs and doctorates anymore; because beyond having a vested interest and an interesting story to sell, most of them are just recreating & rehashing information from books published in the 60s-80s for money or fame. There was nothing new, but marketers like to make it sound otherwise.
  • Yo-yo results. Beyond the obvious trying-too-hard approach employed by authors around the world, there are so many misguided attempts at losing/gaining weight based on quick-fix solutions causing all manner of long term problems to your body. And yet, marketers everywhere kept bragging about how fast their solutions can give. Transformations and before/after photos run rampant while fitness-oriented salespeople leveraged the ignorance of mainstream media to gain fame and opportunities, just so they can sell even more short term solutions to the ever more naive and demanding public.
  • Which all led to lack of motivation. The health & wellness industry has mastered the art of putting blame back to the consumer. "Not seeing results? It's because you never follow the program!" are repeatedly said even though the coaching system or the program itself was supposed to be easy to follow.  The health and wellness industry has been around for decades, and what have we learned? Providers - 1, Consumers - nil.

Frankly, it's exhausting.

And the reason why we didn't realize this is because no one thought to question the status quo.

Humans have been around for 2.5 million years and it was only when someone observed an apple falling 500 years ago that we start to learn about gravity. So here's an apple.

What if:

You wake up a year from having total control over every aspect of your life. Craving healthy food when you are sad; and dream of exercise when you are stressed?

Picture a scene of living with unstoppable confidence. The wonderment when everything you love is in line with everything that are good for you. 

The way you feel about nutrition and exercise can change...with the right training.

After 8 years in the fitness industry, we've come to the conclusion that there must be a better way than simply telling people what to do. And now we have it.

We have partnered up with the world's most successful nutrition and behavioral coaching company, Precision Nutrition, with a track record of over 45,000 client transformations to provide personalized behavioral nutrition curriculum for all our clients. 

The results are real.


"Over the years we've watched fad diets and fitness crazes come and go. But when the fads have failed, the crazes died out, and people just want something that works...they turn to us." - PN

The Game-Changing & Brain-Bendingly Easy Solution

Honestly, it's just a matter of time before someone come up with this. 

This partnership between HB & PN has created an industrial separation unlike anything you've ever seen for 3 particular reasons:

  1. Embracing Technology
    Hiring a personal nutritionist or a personal trainer is costly due to an old practice of meeting face to face. Previously, this was unavoidable because only so many things can be discussed or communicated through phone or emails. The time cost means that highly in-demand coaches can be both overworked, and expensive.

    Today, a face to face meetup is more a luxury than a need. When we free ourselves from the shackles of conventional thinking, the best coaches can:

    - Be 'everywhere' at once.
    - Be accessible anytime, to anyone.
    - Eliminate human error.
    - Always perform at their best.

    This means that what was previously inaccessible can now be widely available at an affordable price.
  2. Cutting edge nutrition science
    Did you know that most of the 'newly' discovered stuff you hear about these days were already discovered decades ago?

    Mainstream fitness is slow. Every proven scientific discovery by well-meaning individuals have to be peer-reviewed by panels and educational bodies before they can be taught to course-providers, which in turn takes time to build up popularity so that your neighborhood fitness trainer can be interested enough to pick it up.

    Result = what is discovered today might take a decade to reach you. Who has time for all that? 

    PN are scientists, innovators and providers - all in one. Immediate discovery & immediate implementation. With ProCoach, the software we are using to coach you, feedback by every client are being collected every single day to contribute to the findings, for the thinkers behind PN curriculum to interpret, and make changes as necessary to improve the coaching system. 

    They are not just 'up-to-date', they ARE The Update.

    While everyone is still busy waiting on papers to get pushed through the never-ending bureaucracy of old snobs in lab coats, HBxPN is now busy changing lives through immediate data feedback, interpretation, & implementation through the world's biggest research thanks to technological innovation.

    And now you can reap the benefit of it all.
  3. Next-level behavioral psychology coaching
    How you feel about stuff you do will influence whether you do it for the long term, but did you know that you can change how you feel if you can change how you think about life?

    We aren't born with a particular preference in taste. It's true. Even if this may seem bizarre right now.

    When we are kids, most of us don't like spicy stuff - and its only when we attached the meaning of 'challenge' into it that we start wanting to handle more spicy foods. Similar to alcohol - we aren't born with a taste for alcohol until we learned how to appreciate it, until we attached tipsiness with 'happiness', and fancy drinks to 'class' & 'sophistication'.

    Hell, its pretty much how advertising works. In other words, tastes = meanings your subconscious mind attach to the fact. If you don't like vegetables, there's a reason behind that. If you don't like exercise, there's a reason behind that.

    And if there's a psychological reason preventing you from growth, you must get rid of it.

    These reasons/meanings are insidious. They are elusive. And to the untrained mind nearly undetectable. A few signs that you might be struggling with some deep-rooted 'blocks' are when you have problems with:

    - Ambivalence: "I want to do this, but I can't give up [insert any stuff here]!"
    - Consistency: You DID saw the past.
    - You feel like you're doing stuff you need, but hate.

    Combining the most up to date understanding of behavioral psychology, the ProCoach software has an inbuilt behavioral & nutritional curriculum to 'unblock' any self-defeating beliefs you might have.


ProCoach for Men

ProCoach for Women

Here's what you get...

  • Assured Results: Personalized nutrition & mindset program that is designed to be right for you. 45,000 client transformations can't be wrong!
  • Long Term Success: Habit-based 12 months coaching process that allows you to develop permanent changes for long term success.
  • Try Now, Decide Later: 14-days FREE trial. If you like it, just let your card be charged. Otherwise, unsubscribe easily through the link below.
  • Convenient: ProCoach is accessible anywhere, and anytime as long as you can connect to the internet using your phone, laptop, tablet or PC.
  • Learn From The Best: The presenters of the video lessons inside ProCoach are the best of the best. Dr. John Berardi who has a PhD in sports nutrition while his co-presenter, Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon, has a PhD in behavioral psychology. Legends of their field.
  • Be A Better Human: Grow your mindset and your body comes along for the ride. Look at what these people have to say about the coaching process.

Here comes the best part. The PRICE.

Precision Nutrition charges USD1799 for a whole year of coaching paid upfront.

I personally pay USD59 per month (RM250+) to access the ProCoach curriculum alone, without any dedicated coach.

But right now, we are offering this for only RM189/month for 12 months as an introductory rate. And I will only come in to help you as-and-when you need it, for a consultation fee.

We might raise the price soon depending on how many clients we need to service. In the mean time, we are happy to just maintain it at RM189 per month.

And also: your first month is FREE. So you don't even have to make a decision right now. Just try it, and if you like it, keep it.