Reason #1 - Courage

Upon hearing the term 'Honey Badger', the following words come to mind:

Small. Furry. Cute. 

It could be, but there is more to this animal than meets the eye. Even with an average weight of only 12kg, these small animals got the cojones to go up against 'deadlier' animals like buffaloes, lions, cobras, and all the other claw-fang or venom variants of fury. 

Not only that, sometimes it wins by tearing off the testicles of its unfortunate enemies. 

This is one badass midget you don't want to mess with! 

The point is you may be small, you may be a nobody, but you got places you want to be. To be a badger is to have the courage to face down any challenges and obstacles in life that come your way!



As if that ain't badass enough, the Honey Badger (as the name implies) is fond of honey - they get their sweet fix by shoving their faces into beehives. The stings from doesn't bother it as much due to their very thick skin. Honey Badgers just don't care. 

With venom capable of melting human flesh, fangs with a grip of steel and the ability to choke its enemies to death, viper snakes are one of the most deadliest animals in the wild. However, Honey Badgers are apparently immune to a viper's bites; the poison only induces a 'short nap'.

You can put the most fearsome animals in the world in front of a Honey Badger, and it still wont faze it. In fact, Honey Badgers snacks on Vipers. It's true!

The amazing feats of this seemingly diminutive animal has repeatedly earned it the title 'Most Fearless Animal Alive'  in the Guiness World Records.




Honey Badgers don't care. 

You can call us crazy, nutjobs, whackheads, but we won't hear you because we're too busy working hard for what we want! We don't care what happens around us or what other people think of us. We simply focus on doing the best we can, with what we have, in order to get where we want - in any situation.


The Badger takes what the Badger wants. 

We don't just talk about things - we do things! We are persistent and work hard to achieve our goals. Whatever it is that you want, you need to take action to make it a reality. If you want to run a marathon, train and make it happen. If you want to get a six pack, work hard for it. If you need capital to build a business, figure out a way to get it! 


Honey Badgers die hard.

In its mission for food, Honey Badger endures bee stings, cobra bites, attacks by lions - it willingly takes on these challenges because it knows this is a means to achieving what it wants. Similarly, we realize that obstacles are stepping stones and not barriers to reaching our goals. What we do is motivated by our mission ; we have a purpose and we keep our eyes on the prize. 

...and all this makes for one helluva badass community. 

At the Honey Badgers we don't just talk about these qualities, we live it, breathe it, and we teach it. 



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