The BadgerWOD: Bolt is the merging of all aspects of fitness gained through the past phases of BadgerWOD programming. It is a lock down, the final bolt, like the assembly of a powerful weapon - truly the culmination of everything:

  •  the endurance and grit forged through GRind - that allows one to push through high repetitive movements under load
  • the power, strength and mental control acquired through GainZ - that gives one the ability to lift maximally heavy objects while being safe
  • and the precision and finesse, founded through Prime - which allows one to move through complicated sequences of movements, maintaining good form, while bearing heavy load

Results are equivalent and proportionate to intensity, in which intensity is measured by work performed over time. The more work you can get done over less time, the more results you will get. However, intensity must not be superseded by movement mechanics. If you cannot do a certain movement with high speed with proper form, then take it slower. If a weight is too heavy for you to do your reps with good form, then allow yourself to carry a weight so light that (even if you are physically unable to perform proper mechanics) will not cause you to get injured. 

If you have a pre-existing physiological condition such as an injury, or tightness in certain muscles which disables you from performing a certain movement properly, do an alternative to that movement that still hits the same muscle group. For help, ask any coach or experienced Badgers for options. 

If you have never done Olympic movements before, without a qualified coach to teach you these movements, discuss with a BadgerCoach on whether you should be doing them at all during a WOD whenever you see movements such as Barbell 'Cleans', 'Push Jerks' & 'Snatches' (these are Oly lifting movements). There's always an alternative to doing these movements. If you're at least Level 2, you can try to learn the movements on YouTube, but take it easy and don't try to lift heavy when you're still new to these moves. 


How To Use this BadgerWOD (before the metcon)

All WOD should start with a Mobilisation segment, in which you stretch out the muscles you know you're particularly tight at which makes it difficult for you perform certain movements contained within the WOD. If you do not know what your tight spots are, or if you simply want a simple program to follow, check out the Badger Drill.

Then, the flow should be followed by a 10-15 minutes worth of 'Practice' session, where you actively work on things which you are weak at; use this Practice time to warm up yourself in prepartion of the WOD - bear in mind that every metcon will last a MAXIMUM of 30 minutes only so if you have about an hour on your hands, doing something before and after the metcon will help a LOT. It doesn't have to be complicated. Here's some suggestions - pick one out of the following and do it for 10-15 minutes before the metcon:

  • Olympic lifting practice (burgener warmup followed by 2-3 sets of medium weight clean & jerks or snatches)
  • Gymnastics practice (several attempts at unassisted handstand, handstand walks, butterfly pull ups, kipping pull ups, muscle ups, whatever catches your eyes)
  • Other skill work (double unders, triple unders, KB Work, etc)
  • Basics practice (try to perform perfect squats, presses or deadlifts with light to moderate weight for 2-3 sets)
  • Basic strengthening work (do 5 sets of 3-5 of either squat, press or deadlifts with PERFECT form) *only do this if you're already quite good at the other basic skills - ask if you're not sure if you should do this

How To Use This BadgerWOD (after the metcon)

This is not essential to the success of the program, however doing something light after every WOD would definitely help. Several options over here would be:

  • Targeted muscle relaxation (use foam rollers, bands, or just simple stretch either on your tight spots, or simply just overall)
  • Targeted muscle strengthening (use this time to strengthen which side of your body/limbs that is lagging behind. Learn to identify which muscle is slowing your WOD times down by paying close attention to how you perform during WODs)
  • Core strengthening (get on the GHD to work on your anterior/posterior chains. GHD sit ups, GHD hip extensions, good mornings, hip thrusts, etc all help in this regard)
  • Some light rowing or jogging should be fine too, as long as you keep your TOTAL workout duration under an hour

All the best doing this, and have fun!
- Felix BadgerBoss