Our philosophy

We are a small minority.

Those who have already been working out consistently and have a fair base of exercise knowledge would absolutely love what we do (strength & conditioning). However, note "those who work out consistently" which only applies to a small minority of the population.

In a study released in 2010 where researchers surveyed 7349 adults representing the population of Peninsular Malaysia as well as Sabah and Sarawak, only 1/3rd of the population reported having ever exercised at all.

…and only 14% of those were deemed by the researchers to have ‘adequate’ exercise.

If you think those numbers are horrifying, get a load of this:

We tried to find our government’s recommendation for physical activity or exercise, but we found none. Hence, the definition of ‘adequate’ exercise is quite vague. Further study of the research paper found that their definition of 'adequate' exercise is really questionable.

“A person was considered to have had adequate exercise if he/she had performed any moderate or vigorous intensity exercise for more than 3 times a week, each of which lasted at least 20 minutes (NCCFN, 1999).”

You might think that the 20 minutes of ‘vigorous intensity exercise’ is something like a heavy, non-stop circuit workout. Think again.

“The activities were reclassified into three categories of intensity of activities, namely light, moderate, or vigorous-intensity activities as described by Ainsworth et al. (2000). In general, an activity carried out at 1.0 to less than 3.0 METs is categorized as light intensity activity (e.g. sitting, bowling); 3.0 to 6.0 METs is categorized as moderate intensity activity (e.g. brisk walking, climbing up stairs, mopping); and more than 6.0 METs is categorized as strenuous or vigorous intensity activity (e.g. running, jogging).”

From what we know and experienced, 20 minutes of jogging or ‘running’ was never enough to get people to see results. How many people do you know have managed to get from obese to lean, from doing nothing but running for a mere 20 minutes, 3 times a week? We haven’t even discussed the boredom of running non-stop for 20 minutes. Many who love working out are actually appalled by the idea of running. What more the general population who hates exerting themselves at all?

No other study measured the adequacy of exercise amongst Malaysian citizens. Hence, our theory is that – only 14% of the population exercise adequate to maintain their health. Not improve it.

Bridging the gap.

So why is it that the fitness community in general not spend the time and effort to reach out to the remaining 86% of the population and teach them the benefits of exercise, but moving further and further away by celebrating and develop even more technical methods to achieve the status of the ‘elite’? 

In movements and in videos, really good workouts look intimidating to most people. Those of us who’s in it knows that everything is scalable, but the mindset and the first impression of how it looks like turns people off even before they try to understand it.

What we do is what really works. Not spending overly long hours on cardio or aerobics classes. Or fancy machines. Or gimmick supplements and overly aggressive diet protocols.

Yet people do not know that these things are doing them more harm than good by taking their dream body and throwing it further away from reach. They are trading off long term progress with short term satisfaction – and they don’t even know it.

The general public is being victimized by unscrupulous organizations within the fitness industry that are taking advantage of their ignorance, giving excuses that it takes too much time and resources to change people.

It is true that it takes time and resources to change and educate people. So why not we do it one step at a time? Instead of throwing our hands in the air and surrendering to circumstances, lets realize that with the combined resources of genuine fitness professionals in Malaysia, we could work together to bring more value to society.

What we need to do now is to bridge the gap.

Find out how people work, and offer real solutions to them.

We make our workouts more appealing to people, not by being cheerleaders or rep counters, but by offering real useful knowledge that will benefit them for life…in a fun and effective way. As well as to make our workout itself more appealing.

We bring world-class fitness not by doing more research about overly detailed things that should be left to the scientists, but by learning how to simplify things for the people. The company Apple is so successful not because they made their products any more complicated, but rather by making their products more simplified and relevant to the world.

Finally we learn. We continue to learn - not just about how physiology & nutrition relates to getting people in shape, but more about one of the most mysterious areas of the human world – the psychology. We need to learn about this formless substance and see how we can apply what we learn to help even more people.

Final words.

We are a transparent bunch. We are constantly doing R&D to improve our WOD programs and we open our programs out for review, Q&A, intelligent debates & discussions or even brainstorming sessions. We do it because we believe that no single person can know everything there is to know about exercise physiology and nutrition – and we acknowledge that we are also still learning, both from others who are more knowledgeable than us, as well as our own experiments and findings. 

We offer full disclosure of our objectives & methodology, so if you think you have a better idea to expand or improve upon our methodology (to meet our highlighted goals) we fully invite you to write to us.


1. http://nutriweb.org.my/publications/mjn0016/Poh(edSP)13-37.pdf

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