BadgerWOD: GainZ


Purpose of the strength phase is to increase Badgers’ base strength while maintaining all other fitness aspects. Specifically, by accomplishing the objective(s) below:

  • For L1: Increase proficiency in all base lifts & explore the boundaries of your strength
  • For L2: Increase base of strength in preparation to level up
  • For L3: Increase 5RM weight for all lifts by at least 10kg
  • For L4 & L5: Set new 1RM PR

For Level 1's and Level 2's, if you do this program right you should expect to be able to move up a level by the end of this 6 week phase. 


Estimated WOD duration:

  • L1: 60 minutes MAX
  • L2: 75 minutes MAX
  • L3: 90 minutes MAX
  • L4 & L5: 120 minutes MAX


To find out which level of programming you belong to, review the Level requirements below. Only do the WOD of the level in which you belong to, or else you may overtrain and/or stagnate:

  • Level 1: Able to Squat & Deadlift 15% of bodyweight, and Press 10% of bodyweight, for 8 repetitions each.
  • Level 2: Able to Squat 100% of bodyweight, Deadlift 125% of bodyweight and Press 40% of bodyweight, for 5 repetitions each.
  • Level 3: Able to Squat 125% of bodyweight, Deadlift 150% of bodyweight and Press 55% of bodyweight, for 5 repetitions each.
  • Level 4: Able to Squat 150% of bodyweight, Deadlift 175% of bodyweight and Press 70% of bodyweight, for 5 repetitions each.
  • Level 5: Able to Squat 175% of bodyweight, Deadlift 200% of bodyweight and Press 85% of bodyweight, for 5 repetitions each. 


Additional Briefing:

  • In order for this Phase to be effective, you must choose the appropriate programming so as to not under-train nor over-train. 
  • Once you picked the level of programming you want to do, it is highly recommended that you STICK to it till the end of the phase. Changing the level mid-phase will only cause delays as you need to re-test the kind of weights that is appropriate for you. 
  • The programming for Level 4's & 5's, specifically, are aggressive and has a ton of volume so unless your recovery is up to par, attempt it at your own risk.


Read the instructions for the programming for each level by clicking the link below:

Level 1 Phase instructions

Level 2 Phase instructions

Level 3 Phase instructions

Level 4 & 5 Phase instructions


(CREDITS) The Programming for this new Phase was inspired from:

  • L1: StrongLifts
  • L2: Starting Strength
  • L3: Madcow
  • L4 & L5: The Hepburn Method


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