Truth is, there's only one reason you're at Honey Badgers instead of anywhere else.

We don't do sweat classes with bright strobe lights and heavy techno music. Neither do we have fancy machines, towel service or chandeliers in our toilets.

What we DO have include personalized training at affordable rates, lifestyle coaching, nutrition, mindset development, and above all - improving your relationship with fitness. 

But these things just means to an end. What you're truly here for, is PROGRESS. You are here because you want results!

To give you this, we're constantly creating & testing new stuff and implementing systems for better education, better communication, better everything. 

In the past few months, there have been breakthroughs. And we're applying the lessons immediately. If you train at HBCF, and you want faster progress, pay attention:


BREAKTHROUGH #1 - Exercise DOESN'T Play A Big Part In Your Results

What matters more than physical training, is your nutrition, mindset, and RELATIONSHIP WITH FITNESS. You can train as crazy as you like, but if the other 22 hours of your day isn't supporting your training, you're not going to see anything. Your choices are dependent on what you know, and how you feel about it.

Nutrition, Mindset and Relationship with fitness doesn't come from 'forcing' yourself to do it. It comes from learning, implementation, and constant coaching & feedback.

The fast-paced duration of our classes means that it's necessary for this level of coaching to happen OUTSIDE of a class - not in it.

So why are people spending so much time, money and effort creating strategies to cope with something as time-consuming as 3-4x/week workout routines? It makes no sense.

To solve this problem, we've launched a new POWERFUL 12-week coaching program that is based online. In it, we cover 12 modules that deals with habit creation, goal setting, nutrition knowledge, mindfulness, and much, much more.

We've launched this program once before in April 2017, and we've seen great results even then. But the reboot will be twice the quality and triple the effectiveness. And if you're an existing client of HBCF, you'll get this special program at a special discounted price. Contact your coach for more information.

From this day onward, classes are not 'coaching' sessions. Classes are 'training' sessions. You're not only getting support for your exercise, you're getting support for ALL aspects of your fitness life.


BREAKTHROUGH #2 - Introducing Open Gym

We used to be pretty anal about making sure everyone has the perfect exercise routine. This manifests in the class structure and making it compulsory that every training session at HB is monitored and controlled.

With the realization of how little exercise contributes to overall results, we want to focus on creating more freedom for our clients - so that there is more room to develop your relationship with fitness. Because rules suffocates love. We want you to fall even better in love with your exercise routines.

To that end, we are introducing Open Gym - unmonitored sessions that you can come to do whatever you feel like doing; whether it be your accessory work, a missed LIFT/BOLT workout, our up-and-coming Espresso WOD, or even just to come and hangout and stretch tight muscles.

This will happen effective 4th April 2018, and Open Gym classes will be made available for booking on all off-peak hours in our class schedule. This allows our coaches to conserve their energy to give their best during PEAK hours - and trust me, with the changes we're making to the LIFT & BOLT classes, you'll appreciate the energy they bring to your sessions from now onwards. You'll like this change.

*NOTE - Open Gym classes are UNMONITORED. If you don't feel confident about your form, you can do the Espresso WOD, which is available for free in our Grimoire app. I've been using this protocol for the past 2 months and trust me, it's simple but TOUGH. It's effective without being complicated. I mean, 5 exercise and only 1 set each. It can't get any simpler than that.


BREAKTHROUGH #3 - New POWERFUL Class Structure

Here's why we need to save our coaches' energy. We've decided that we want every single training session you have at HBCF to accomplish SOMETHING. 

Every. Single. Session.

We want you to see progress at every single bloody session.

That means no more absent-minded, low-energy/low-focus participation of the classes. No more late attendances, tardiness, over-long rest periods, "blur-ness", or confusion. We want you to play big. We want you to EXCEL. We want every single session you have at HB to be meaningful.

Yes exercise contributes less than 10% of your results, but it don't mean we neglect it!

We want to create a space for you to step into your greatness. We want you to play all out. Effective immediately, every time you're here at HB, you should expect progress for yourself. Here's how we're going to make it happen.

  1. Each class will start with a briefing of the WOD.
    Yes you've seen the WOD on the whiteboard. We want to help you ensure you leave nothing on the floor when you finish your training. BRING THE THUNDER!!! Here, the coach in charge of the class will brief you on what to do and what's expected of you based on what we know about your level of experience. This takes no longer than 5 minutes.
  2. Setting Goals & Intentions
    Once #1 is done, we'll do a round of goal-setting. If you don't know what to focus on, you won't know whether this session is effective or now. Everyone has different things they need to focus on, so in this part we'll go one round on all participants of the session to share what they're looking forward to. 

    You'll decide on ONE thing you want to aim for in this workout session, and you'll share it with the rest of the class. Everyone will keep you accountable to what you intend to achieve within this session. You're already here anyway - might as well make the most out of it.

    Hot tip - don't use "My intention is to NOT die" in goal setting. This doesn't work. The way our subconscious works is that whatever you focus on, grows. Those of you who join my workshop on "A Human's 100%" knows why - if you tell yourself to NOT think of a pink elephant, you'll definitely think of a pink elephant. In creating an intention, focus on what you WANT, not what you DON'T WANT.
    Perhaps the most important change we're implementing in terms of class structure. How would you know which area to improve on if you're not given feedback on how you show up? 

    In the last 5 minutes of the class, the coach will call everyone together to give feedback on how you showed up during the class. Were you hungry for coaching? Were you present and focused on what you needed to do? Did you ask clarifying questions? How much attention did you put for your own form and techniques?

    There's lots of distinctions. This session is important so that you know exactly what to work on the next time you're here at HB.

And that's it guys, the 3 big breakthroughs we experienced, and what we intend to do with it. In the works, we're creating an assessment system so that every single session you do at HBCF can even be assessed and scored - but that's a story for another day.

In the meanwhile, get prepared for a massive learning experience. Contact us if you have any questions about these changes to your HB coaching experience. 


With you in progress,
Felix Tay