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It's that time where spouses, lovers, friends & family get together to celebrate connections. During this time, it's nice to just kick back, relax, and hang out with our close ones. 

On the agenda are some drinks and cards, and perhaps welcoming new additions to the family. We get asked about what's happening in our lives, whether we have finally found someone special, or for couples - when's the marriage? When's the babies?  

Conversations gravitate towards good things in life and avoid the 'soey' (the negatives). We talk about how well we do in life, and ignore the rest. But if we're going to meet a family member only a few times a year, wouldn't implanting certain ideas about longevity be good for them? 

All of us have met people past a certain age that had already given up on the idea of preserving health. They just want to enjoy and be care free - and as well as they should. We aren't against that! We just want to talk about how we can help them do so better.

If doing some 30-40 minutes basic training, 2-3 times a week will help our elders add 10 quality years to their lives, why not?  

Despite being in an age where information is over-abundant, most don't see fitness as a way of improving health. Most people think of fitness as being all about being toned, or having six pack abs or being able to do crazy shit as advertised by a lot of fitness organizations.

Reality is, before and in fact more important than everything else is what basic, baseline fitness can do for human longevity and this should never be forgotten. 

People nowadays are STILL caught up with the magic pill syndrome - what supplements to take and what equipment/machines to use. Even those who just started training are still caught in the conundrum of what SINGLE exercise to do, asking questions that shows just how innocent they are to the mechanics of true fitness.

We all know by now that this wouldn't be a right question to ask, but the majority of the population, especially the elders, stay ignorant to the fact - and opt for this supplement or that, when we all know that supplementation without exercise do little compared to what they can actually achieve.

We know by now that for results to happen we have to be doing actual training rather than continuously looking for the short cut. This is especially true to seniors, who are constantly under the impression that fitness is for the young and that they're "too old" to be doing anything other than stuff like brisk walking at the park.

We have a problem with that. 

And the problem is compounded with the very local culture of the young advising the old to not strain themselves too much...ALL THE TIME when the truth is that the human body reacts (and improves) better to strain than complacency. In complacency we wear away in years. 

The root cause of all this lies in education. Everyone is content to work on their own fitness but do nothing for those around them. There is simply not enough people going around carrying the message. 

Working out isn't necessarily young people's sport, not when trainers are knowledgeable enough to scale and make modifications to suit the abilities of trainees. Not when there are SO MANY different things to do and so many new friends (yes who are of the same age with them!) to meet and train together. 

Gyms are not a place of torture, and training is not a mere 'activity' - its a ticket to 3, 5, or even 10 years of life-quality beyond amazing; a life where they don't have to rely on anyone to simply live and do all the basic things. Dignity is important. All these add years of happiness to our elders as they grow old. It falls to us, the young and the knowledgeable, to enlighten them that there is a better way. Because if we don't do it, who will?


Post script:

In line with this new direction, our facility will give a special offer (up to 20% discount) for those who are above 55 years old and interested in personal, 1:1 coaching with a qualified coach. 

Our personal training sessions happen during off-peak hours only and for a limited time only, anyone above 55 years old can take advantage of this offer by giving us a call or via whatsapp at:

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