• Decisions on which route to take should only be made when you know exactly where you are. Everything else may just be guesswork.
  • In order for you to know which road to take, you first need to know:
    1. Where you are
    2. The distance involved
    3. Whether you're happy to travel all the way
    4. How you will get there.
  • Any decision made without fully understanding these three things will lead to waste of time, effort and money. Unmotivated individuals may even simply give up.
  • Bonus for readers all the way at the bottom of the article.



The fact you are reading this is an indication you want to be in control of your body in 2016. You are probably busy doing your research, preparing yourself to face 2016 with a great start and determined to finally get the body you deserve. In fact, you may have already shortlisted several gyms or coaches that you would like to work with towards achieving your goals. That's great! I sincerely believe this can be your year when you know exactly what to do in order to get results. 

What will further reinforce your efforts right now may be some targeted perspective. Coaching individuals and producing results for the last 7 years, I've observed that 99% of the time people failed to achieve their new year's resolution due to perfectly avoidable reasons.

That's sad.

The purpose we are talking today is to help you be one of the 1% who DO see the results you want. 

Here are some principles you may find quite helpful in decision making. If you've already considered the following things before, great! If not, it will either reinforce the choices that you've made, or rethink some of the choices you are about to make. Whichever it is, hopefully at the end of this article you will see a clearer picture on what you need to do. So without further ado, let's get started!

- 1 -

So you already know your goals. You may want to get toned. You may want to get ripped. Perhaps produce big numbers on your main lifts. Whatever your goals are, where are you right now? Which direction?

If your destination is a town called GainzTown, are you EAST from that town or are you WEST?

If you feel that you are not 'toned', are you NOT toned because you are carrying too much fat, OR is it because you don't have enough muscles? If both, then what's the ratio? In fact, what is your definition of a 'toned body'? Your answer will dictate the ratio of strength work and conditioning work you'll need to do to achieve your goals.

The reason this is important is because if you are not toned due to lack of muscles, no matter how much work you put on the treadmill you won't be getting the body that you want. One of the biggest mistakes people often make is trying out a particular training they saw working for a friend...assuming that it will work the same for them. Your goals may be the same, but your needs may differ!

- 2 -

If your destination is 400 km away, you can't expect to arrive in 15 minutes on a bicycle.

How far away are you from your goals? What's the distance involved?

If you want more muscles (how much muscles?), there is a reliable way to guess how much stronger you'd need to be, to get the size that you want.

Realistic expectations can only be drawn once you know exactly how much work is cut out for you. Case in point: you need to be able to lift about 100% more weights in order to grow about 10% bigger. People somehow tend to think that lifting 25% more weights will equate 25% more muscle gains. This is wrong, and it leads to all kinds of improper expectations that differs between individual goals. Some people will get disappointed because their 'hard work' doesn't seem to be fruitful, whereas others are so paralyzed by the prospect of getting too bulky that they don't carry enough to elicit any form of results. 

At the Facility, we always start off with an assessment session to understand exactly what we are dealing with.

...Perhaps this client suffers from lack of metabolism, preventing fat loss...

...Perhaps another has a lack of flexibility that prevents effective training from happening, making any form of muscle building training become ineffective...

Here we gather data specifically for this purpose. CRUCIAL information that people often overlook.

(Btw, don't forget about the bonus I mentioned at the bottom of the page so keep reading)

- 3 -

Whatever your goals, are you fully aware of the amount of work & which path necessary in order to get there, and
are you happy with that?

We've met women who are okay with every part of their body except for their arms, thinking that it can be fixed fairly quickly.

Yes for some, no to some.

I'm sure you see how all these principles connect by now. Whatever your goals are, you MUST be happy with the amount of work required to realistically achieve those goals, and obviously in order to do that you will need to first exercise Principles 1 and 2!

Now that you know where you stand and understand the distance involved, take another look at your goals and
see if they are really suitable for you. 

If you see that the road is bumpy...but you got the means to traverse the distance - go ahead!

If you see that the road is bumpy...but you're willing to do everything to get there - perfect. Let nothing and no one tell you you can't do it and leave them in awe of your success in the following months.

If you see that the road is bumpy...and the 'way' you once thought was suitable is now UNsuitable...its decision time.

You may reassess your destination (do you want it bad, or do you just kinda want it?), or embark on this road with the full knowledge that you will eventually have to take another route in order to get to your destination. If you honestly struggle to reconcile what you want vs. what you are willing to give, maybe its time for some help.

- 4 -

Case study.

NBA players are tall. 
Are they tall because they play basketball? Or are they in NBA BECAUSE they are tall? 
Answer: They are in NBA because they are tall.
But: People often assume that playing basketball will get you tall.

Many yoga instructors are toned.
Are they toned because they do yoga? Or are they instructors BECAUSE they are toned?
Answer: Some former, some latter and some...are other. Depends. Instructors make a living teaching (and workout with) classes  2-3 hours minimum every day. If YOU workout 2-3 hours minimum EVERYDAY, you sure as well will burn lots of calories. It's insanity to assume that simply anyone who's doing this for fun 2-3 times, 60 minute sessions a WEEK, eating the same foods, will get the same level of toned-ness.
But: We've encountered many who assumed that yoga is the best way to get 'toned'.

Pump instructors are RIPPED/JACKED.
Are they ripped/jacked because they do Pump classes? Or are you simply seeing the successful ones who made it BECAUSE of their looks?
Answer: I have friends, clients and a business partner who are in the business of group exercise. They look that way not because of the effectiveness of the class - the class is meant to get people started, and hopefully bring people up to a certain level (it's about invoking love) - and the instructors always have some sort of routine that they use outside of the class to build those muscles.
But: You guessed it.

The moral of the case studies is that we shouldn't simply assume something is right for us by judging it based on the way the majority practitioners of a certain methodology look. When you make your choice, what would really help is a full understanding of:

1. What the different methodologies are created for. Are they in line with what you want? More importantly, what you NEED?

2. What they're actually good at (because not every method is as good as they claim they are). The proof is in the pudding. If you witnessed someone who is similar to you going in and getting exactly the kind of results YOU want, then do it!

3. And how it will cost you in terms of time and effort (if you have 2x/week to train, it wouldn't sit well to use a 'vehicle' that will require 5x/week effort!)

Is the road bumpy? Is the road smooth? You need 4-wheel-drives for the countryside, a sleek coupe for the city roads, a hybrid if you want to help save the environment. Choose you destination, route and your vehicle correctly - you will be rewarded with the path of least resistance, and see results effortlessly. 


Decisions on which route to take should only be made when you know exactly where you are. Everything else may just be guesswork.

In order for you to know which road to take, you first need to know where you are, the distance involved, and how are you gonna get there.

Thanks for reading! If you find this article to be helpful in gaining perspective, share it! Tell your friends! 


Best Regards,
Badger Guru



We have a service just for the purpose of helping you find your way.


That 90% of gym goers tend to drop out within the first 3 months of joining a gym?

Let's ponder this for a moment. Out of everyone who's joining a gym this 1st January, 90% will drop out by 31st March 2016. In view of this, knowing exactly where you stand will allow you make better decisions, avoid serious mistakes, stay consistent and optimize your results. 

Since you're reading this today, I have something to offer you.

Here at HBCF, we've put together a service that allows people to know exactly where they stand.
We call it the Assessment Session.
It is divided into three simple steps, and can be easily done within an hour plus.

- STEP 1 -

In Step 1 we test your performance, not just how much muscles and fat you have.

This is because someone who looks good with low fat and high muscles may not perform well,
but someone who performs well will look good.

Fitness and Looks are two quite separate things; some people are born with it, while others worked for it. Therefore, performance is a more reliable method of assessment rather than the traditional body composition analysis. 

In Step 1, we test three main facets of your fitness:

  1. Your ability to carry external weights, which shows your strength and your muscularity.
  2. Your ability to carry your own body weight, which indicates your power-to-weight ratio. This allows us to measure how lean you are without actually having to weigh or measure you.
  3. Your flexibility through all your major joints. This indicates how ready you are to learn & perform various movements that can assist you in your goals.

Once this process of gathering data is done, we know enough about their your body to prescribe a program you can do for general fitness. But in order to find out what kind of program is most suitable, we need to know more. This brings us the second stage:

 - STEP 2 -

Here we'd sit you down to get to know you better. We delve deeper into:

  • Goals (obviously)
  • Priorities. 
  • Schedule. 
  • Lifestyle and Preference. 
  • Likes vs. Needs. 

All the above variables are important, but often neglected, points to take into account in the creation of a suitable regime. After carefully weighing these factors, the path to your fitness becomes clear and we may move on the final stage where we propose a solution for your fitness.

- STEP 3 -

If goals are destinations, then the other variables are things that we need to navigate around on. Like geography, it is rare that we find a road which will take us directly to where we want to be. Sometimes, we need to hop on to one highway and switch to another before we can finally arrive at our destination. The same applies for fitness.

Here we will outline for you your wants, needs, possible routes and the one that you're currently heading. We'll tell you everything and provide a detailed analysis of the state of your fitness. Perhaps we'll even figure out a way to work together!

Putting it all together...

Pulling a generic program out of somewhere is not the most prudent course of action. Without proper consideration, the path you take may throw you off balance (due to inconsistency or injuries, among others), making it difficult to get back on track.

Choosing the right path makes getting fit relatively stress-free, and it is easier to stay consistent because everything you do aligns with your 'quirks'. Following the path of least resistance allows you to stay safe and consistent, which ultimately lead to results. 

Here at HBCF, we understand that finding this path may be a complicated process.
If you don't feel like doing all of that, we offer to do all the thinking for you so that you don't waste any precious time in 2016. 

We provide 1:1 workout/assessment session with one of our qualified coaches where we test everything that we talked about. At the end of the session, we will offer our insights into the direction you may be heading, give you an analysis of any stalled results you may have, and propose solutions to you. All this will cost only:


Call/Whatsapp 016-9730 448 (Felix) to set up an appointment today. We have limited slots so do it quickly to reserve your slot BEFORE this New Years Eve. 

Best Regards,

The Badger Guru