A lot of people are confused with the nature of our service.

If you haven't already realized, yes, we have a gym, but we are not just another gym.

Our value does not lie in how many or what kind of classes that we do.

Our clients do not join us because of our competitive rates, or our facilities.

Our schedule has got nothing to do with the success of our business.

What we are is an entirely new fitness business model. One where you may not have heard before.

We certainly haven't seen anyone doing it before we do. Not even today.

And yes, in case you're wondering - yes we do have shower facilities.

This article is written for your benefit, to explain what exactly we do.

We will cover:

  1. The Problem that we are trying to fix
  2. What is Our Solution; and finally
  3. What is Our Service

We wish you bonne lecture, and as always - thank you for visiting.

The Problem

The Problem

What's discussed here is an accepted, yet largely unknown truth. It's time to make it clear once and for all, and for all to face it.

Quotes are not even necessary - there are already way too many examples available a Google away.


Here's what happens when someone is fit.

Bones are strong enough that a trip wouldn't fracture it.  They would be coordinated and balanced enough to not trip in the first place.

'Sitting too long ' would not produce a slipped disc. They would not have bad posture.

Enjoying teh tarik would not be enough to cause diabetes. Eating nasi lemak would not cause someone to get a heart disease. 

We would be able to enjoy our food - and our lives - the way we want unhindered by illness. 

A good fitness program can do that.


Here's what's happening right now.

When a concerned patient asks their doctor 'how do I prevent [problem] from happening again in the future?' their collective answers tend to be to the tune of 'lose weight!' or 'get stronger!'.

Basically get healthier in general.

However, people still don't take action.

Being unfit has become an accepted norm. It's become sensitive to talk about weigh management. There are people who become indignant when topics of health and prevention are being discussed, unable to create distinction between genuine concern with discrimination.

Problems are expected to be ignored, swept under the rug and wait for the inevitable. 

And because the topic is unpleasant, we stayed away from it.

It's time to face the facts.


Now we're not saying that being fit can guarantee someone to be healthy.


But investing in fitness is so much more cost-effective than paying for medical bills, and feel much better than medical intervention.


Times are changing.

In the world today cases of 'old but young' are starting to emerge.

There are now 50 year olds who looked not one day past 30 and achieved it naturally.

No surgeries. No drugs. No cosmetics. No tens of thousands wasted on ineffective temporary measures. 

'50' is no longer old, its the middle age.

And while some are thriving everyday, most people are still lost and don't even realize it. Or flat-out refuse to believe it.

Some people consider injuries & sickness to be something like a battle-scar, bragged about on a nice New Year's Eve. For some, an abnormal relationship with food is camouflaged as 'being a foodie'. Lifestyle diseases are thought of as a matter of luck. 

Dying before your time is thought of as a tragedy. 

What's a tragedy is that we lack enough sense and judgement to avoid perfectly avoidable problems.

People are not just suffering from physical and emotional pain, but also from financial 'pain' due to medical treatments. It's only through growing accustomed to the status quo, that we don't even realize what's happening.

It's time for us as a human race to get out of this shell into a more enlightened age.

We ask ourselves: what can we do about that?


First of all we recognize the problem of ambivalence.

Ambivalence is when someone recognizes the need to do something, but torn between their needs and wants.

E.g. the brain says to do one thing but the heart says different.

Like how a smoker knows that smoking is bad, but don't really stop.

All of us, especially if you just started this whole fitness thing, should recognize that it's not a matter of being lazy or weak-willed. 

It's a matter of conflicting inner priorities. Knowing how to choose when facing a dilemma.

Understanding bad from worse, good versus better.

Then we have to find new ways of integrating fitness - each one bearing solutions to the unique combination of problems that are stopping each of us individually. Because everyone's different physiologically and psychologically, proper assessment and implementation systems have to be in place in order for this to happen.

It is not the lack of knowledge that's the problem, its the lack of implementation that's plaguing our civilization. In other words, we don't need exercise science as much as we do change science.


This is where we come in.

We are not exercise overseers. We don't just watch you do squats and give you programs. 

We don't just count your reps and push you when you are unmotivated.

We don't believe that these are the only values of a true coach.

This is...

Our Solution

Our Solution



verb - make or become better.

Einstein once said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.

Improvement requires change. Change in actions and decisions - which is affected by behavior.

A lot of people are obsessed with 'how' to get fit. "What do I do to get ----?"

But those are wrong questions because the answers are all around us and yet people are still not seeing results.

A better question is "How do I implement the necessary changes that will get me fit?"

Our primary mechanism to do that is by influencing the environment where we put our clients.

We have a gym. We fill it up with positive people that make you feel good about going there. We put coaches in place to make sure everyone behave and do things which are conducive to their growth. And THEN we give programs, classes, supplemental workouts, etc.

It is our belief that proper environment cultivates proper behavior. This is why our policies, culture, community, and coach play a huge factor in generating results, and why we are very protective of them.

Try us out for a month, and you can judge for yourself if this is effective.


A lot of people thought that coaches are just there to push you harder.

That's just a very small part of what we do!

In fact in some cases, pushing clients harder could be counter productive to results. Just one of the things we picked up in our years of experience training people.

If we think of fruits and the trees they come from, we see the many elements required to be in place for the tree to bear fruit.

Roots reach down into earth to collect nutrients. Branches go up, sprouting leaves to collect sunlight. Then time; the wait to grow up strong to survive nature. Years go by. The tree survives until the right season before finally producing fruits. 

Just like how fruits are the result of many elements, there are many factors that contribute to your change. It goes beyond just pushing your limits or making sure you're sweating a lot, or getting your heart rate up and leaving you all sore the next day.

Our coaches are there to help you get results, and we see each of our duties as influencing the many elements required for results. Environment. Behavior. Direction. Movements. Teaching you how to squat is just the sub-category of a sub-category under the major category of Movements. Ensuring you hit the right exercise intensity is the sub-category- of a sub-category, under the category of Direction.

Our duty is so varied it is impossible to write them all down here (it would have to be a book). But it's not difficult to understand what we are talking about from the examples given.


What we do can be roughly explained in Our Service.

Meanwhile, here are some of the things that we DON'T do:

  • We won't ask you to put Fitness above everything else. We don't question your priorities, we work around them. 
  • We don't tell you a minimum workout frequency. We let you decide what works best for you.
  • 99% of our clients are everyday Joes and Janes who just want to get in shape and be healthy (and are successful in doing it). It's OKAY to join us if you're a beginner. Especially if you're a beginner! You are the reason we exist.
  • Our Bespoke Fitness (tailored fitness) is NOT just a fancy list of things for you to comply to. Everything we do is agreed by you before implementation.
  • We don't count your reps for you. We're pretty sure that's not what you really want to pay for anyway!
  • You won't be hiring us to 'push' you. 99% of the time, that's really not what you need. Motivation and discipline is not the primary mechanism you should be using to push your fitness up (because they don't last). 
  • We don't "do" Zumba, Yoga, Crossfit, Les Mills or any other popular fitness brand names. We recommend them and even prescribe them if the client needs them. 
  • We never prescribe you stuff that you don't need.
  • We don't do discounts, drop-ins, and free trials. Typical fitness service providers normally use those to allow potential clients/members to 'try them out', see whether the service is going to be helpful to them. We have a way different way of doing this, we call it the Assessment. You can read about it later in "Our Service".
  • We are not just another gym. We don't have Members here, we have Clients. 


If you're interested to find out more, here's how you can do so...

Our Service

"We find the perfect fitness solutions for you"

Our Service

"We find the perfect fitness solutions for you"

*Comprehensive understanding of us (our purpose) here.

What are your fees? Class schedule? Do you guys do PT? Are you Crossfit?

It depends on YOU.

Bespoke Fitness

is the idea that everyone should have a solution perfect for their needs, lifestyle and budget. 

The PROBLEM is that 'fitness' is a confusing journey:

"Joined a gym. What's next - should I do yoga? Or lift weights? Should I do Crossfit? Personal Training? Maybe I'll play a little bit in Powerlifting. Maybe I should run or hike instead, I like nature...Then again, Zumba seems to be a nice and fun way to shed some weight. Maybe I'll try that instead!"

Which 'way' works? Which way doesn't?

Maybe they all work?

But which one works best for YOU?

Too many factors to consider: your schedule, time, body, fitness, location, preference, goals, etc, etc, etc.

You'd have to physically try everything out there before you know.

Until now.

Let us figure it out for you.

How We Do It

Why Honey Badgers

Here's What Others Are Saying

"Great class with lots of attention to form. Was given alot of corrections to make sure I understand and perform the work outs correctly. Trainer to customer ratio was low which made it feel almost like a personal training session. Lots of passion from the instructors! Highly recommended."

- Marisha Naz

"A place where dreams will be achieved.  I have been with BadgerFitness for about 2 months,  and I find the work out fun as it pushes me to the limit and over. Absolutely loved how the post-workout are tailored to my fitness target.

The experience here was awesome. Even though my trainer Kelvin was super helpful, other trainers will help and advise when my form is wrong. That kind of support is just priceless. Keep up the great work."

- Putra Azian, Lacrose player

"The feeling of touching my arms and my collar bone, flexing in the mirror and even though it's so stupid, I feel so happy! Nowadays I just like poking my belly to feel the hidden tough abs, and grabbing my own booty lol!

It's so different these days. I've gained so much strength, and can DO things with such little effort in my daily life such as pushing the heavy fire door with ONE HAND, grabbing more grocery bags and even my laptop bag seems to be lighter...words alone can't exactly describe how I feel nowadays."

- Michelle Teh

"Not your typical, boring gym. I have never been to a gym with such attentive trainers before, and this has truly made the difference for me. The custom workout program allowed me to improve on my technique, and progress on to more advance exercises. I am amazed at what I can lift right now!

When I couldn’t perform a movement, they would scale down the exercise, providing me with a variation that allowed me to build up to the main exercise. After training consistently for a month, I had visibly lost weight, gained definition, and was eating more healthily. I feel more energized and confident these days.

Honey Badgers has completely changed the way I train. I have never looked forward to going to a gym until I joined them. The classes are great, and my enthusiasm is beginning to show in my physique too. I can't recommend Honey Badgers enough!"

- Tey C, PR Specialist

I met Felix at my first gym as he was one of the coaches there. I started with him when I was barely able to do a single push up, and eventually got to where I am today! He was never afraid to push my boundaries and go hard, and I got my ‘kiasuness’ from his faith towards me that I can do anything when I put my mind to it!!

I am actually among the first members who started Honey Badgers from back in the days of Viper Challenge…and I am impressed at how much we’ve grown into such a big organization. I mean in the beginning we were just a group of friends working out together. Some of you have been looking at fitness pictures and wanting to be just like that for ages…stop wondering!!! You can do it with the Honey Badgers! You are invited into this healthy community living. Join today, not tomorrow or New Year. Sign up now.

Nadia Anuar, TV Host

Pictures Of Our Training Facility

Schedule Assessment

Schedule Assessment

In this meeting, you will be greeted by a Badger Coach. No salesperson, no consultants,  no pressure and no obligations.

Its purpose - to find out where you are relative to your goals, and how much work is ahead of you.

In the Assessment, we will: 

  • Assess for any current problems in your muscle development
  • Figure out the factors contributing to your plateau, if any 
  • Based on your body and psychology, tell you what are the 'paths' to avoid
  • Your path of least resistance, again based on your body
  • Teach you basic exercises that you MUST know in order to see results, regardless of kind
  • How a proper fitness program can minimize your risk of illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer, and many more. Basically how fitness make you more 'durable' and less prone to mortality.

The Assessment is done on a 1-to-1 basis (you and a coach), and at no obligation to you. 

This is a service in and of itself so we're not simply using this as a convenient excuse to try and close some sales.



*If you feel that we wasted your time, we will DONATE this RM50 to a charity of your choice!*

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