is to direct your time and effort, ensuring that they’re used as well as possible. 

Here’s how I do it.


1. If you have 4 times a week to work out.

I will ensure that these 4 sessions with me are the best possible usage of your time.

If it’s 3, then it’s 3...if it’s 2, then it’s 2. 

I will select the proper scaling and weights for you, or push you when you are about to give up. It's also me asking you to slow down when you are going too hard. This is me searching for the best productivity out of your workout sessions - every single time.


2. Based on what you do right now...

I can project into the future and foresee problems that you will face, and advise you accordingly to avoid mistakes.

This will be me advising you against any form of extreme diets or overworking that will affect your long term results drastically. It can also be me prescribing you a stretch routine for you to do at home because your current mobility and posture isn't conducive to long term productivity.

Getting results are a matter of productivity. A matter of how much work did you do over time. 


3. I progress you to the most goal-conducive exercises in existence (that you can do)

Things like squat snatches and squat cleans are badass, insanely effective and really fun! But they’re difficult to learn – which is why I set up progression systems to carry you all the way up there (in due time) in order for you to learn them effectively.

Do not skip the progressions.

Because it is required that you master a certain movement before moving on to the next level of movement, you’ll find that I am very analytical with technique – especially in the beginning. No compromise. If you’re unable to do a movement in a safe manner, I’ll be prescribing you a scaling which is so light you won’t have any chance of getting injured.

Which also brings me to my last point…


4. Safety is our number 1 priority.

Slow results is better than no results – which is what’s going to happen if you get yourself injured and have to rest for several days/weeks/months. Injuries are also a massive setback mentally as you get out of the habit of working out and be comfortable living a sedentary life.

Ultimately, consistency is the key to creating and sustaining results. If we compromise on technique, we may see some results in the beginning, but somehow, somewhere, something’s going to go wrong as you hit that heavy set sometime in the future – and THAT will set you so far back that all the results you've built will be for nothing.

Question about any of the above?