Is A 'No Diet, Exercise-Optional, & Guaranteed Results' Fitness Program Too Good To Be True?


There are reasons why people keep relapsing into their old bodies after a fitness transformation...and the reason may surprise you. 

Unfortunately, relapse is not uncommon. In fact, among today's society it's kind of expected from any 'friends' who were seriously trying to get in shape.

Why is that so?


The Epiphany

After so many years of coaching, we've come to realize that the root cause of all health & obesity problems simply lies in one thing and one thing only: your relationship with fitness.

Now there are constructive relationships; one which makes you a better version of yourself. That makes you want to spend time on it. You feel good about it, and the more you do it the more you love it.

And then there are destructive relationships; one which makes you dread spending time on it, makes you hate yourself, lowers your confidence, suppresses your full potential and yet...keep you in that loop.

Sometimes, a destructive relationship can even cause you to not want to get out of it.

Side note:

Read the lyrics of the song "Love The Way You Lie", and you'll see that it describes 99% of the relationships people have with fitness. Interesting, innit?

The Real Solution:

There are two ingredients needed for a constructive relationship with fitness to happen, and that's Time, and Information.

Provided with enough information, you will be able to see things for what they really are. With enough time, your perspective will change.

As crazy as this may sound, you will grow to love fitness.

In our new 28 Day Transformation Challenge course, we help people cultivate that relationship with fitness. We use cutting-edge coaching techniques to transform people into highly independent trainees with strong foundations in terms of knowledge, habits, and mindset.


Part of our coaching process involves playing a game we developed called 'Grimoire'. And that's where the 'Habits Levels' came from.


Let Me Ask You A Question: Are You Tired? 

Are you tired of:

  • Seeing no results?
  • Pushy personal trainers?
  • Tasteless diet plans?
  • Short-term quick fixes that kills your long term progress?
  • Painful exercise routines or shady supplements?

Are you tired of going to different gyms, hiring different coaches, and jumping onto different diets that gave the same results? 


Let Us Know That You're Interested

Hey everyone! Felix here, and I'm excited that you're here and excited about our upcoming 28 Days Transformation Program.

Here's what's happening. I really want to make sure we deliver a life-changing transformation and quality, so we are currently in Beta testing. But don't worry, we'll officially launch in November 2017.


Talk soon,
Felix Tay