The Idea
For all Associates - the idea is to create an utopian working culture for those whose purpose in life is to lead others into becoming the best versions of themselves. I want to create a paradise, an ecosystem built on innovation where employees don’t feel the need to leave or open their own businesses. A place where you can safely entrust your future. 

Here, clients will get the full value of what they pay for. For justice, for value and for the sake of helping the world at large, one ringgit spent must create a return of one ringgit back in value. All promises made in the marketing and branding of our business must be delivered without fail.
The Promise
In order to achieve this future and change the industry as a whole, we must be an organization that can operate on a global scale yet maneuver with start-up agility. Our services must be top notch. Our results, flawless. And our clients, loyal because of our effectiveness.
To supply the demand of talents who are a cut above from the rest of the industry, we are resolute in bringing out the latent potential of all our associates. And because we demand the very best from our coaches, we are ready to provide our very best in equal measure.

We pledge to our clients that Honey Badgers is a place where success is inevitable. We will find the best solution for everyone’s goals - and do so through people who are passionate, capable and attentive.

All coaches shall speak the same ‘language’. We have ONE fitness system. ONE philosophy which everyone will follow, but also have the right to question. If our fitness philosophy is found inadequate, immediate change will be warranted. There will be no needless conflicts or segregation. Leaders should have the emotional maturity to be open to discussion and to deal with changes as and when necessary.

Messages to the public must not exaggerate what we do in the name of ‘marketing’.

Selling should be a choice, not a job scope. We give our staff the right to determine their own income levels. Should a coach choose to do sales for higher earning opportunity, we will arm that coach with all the abilities to do so effectively. Otherwise, we try to find other ways for them to contribute to the bottom line of the company.

There is a clear-cut path towards advancements. Promotions are based on predefined parameters. Reward systems are explained in explicit detail to prevent misunderstanding and disputes.

Justice is the guiding value in dealings with associates, partners and clients. Every associate earns a fair percentage of what clients pay. For the sake of continuity and sustainability, the organization takes only what it needs to thrive.

Honor, loyalty & integrity. We ask them of you, and in return, we extend the same.

Complete ownership of mistakes is expected from every single member of the organization, regardless of who makes them.

Proper mentorship and guidance will be extended to everybody so that all will have the opportunity to advance. Talent is not found; talent is built. Nobody is “born” good. Everybody starts somewhere.


Values are an intimate and privileged information.

Revealing our values is a sign of trust. Will you extend the same?

Now that you understand what we stand for, do you feel that this is the way things should work?

Or is it better for everyone to remain with the status quo?

Claim the next Part.