On Fitness
There is nothing more economical to achieve long term health than staying fit.

Anybody can do it regardless of age, opportunities, race and gender.

A gym can cost less than most supplements sold by network marketing companies. If need be, even running and basic park workouts are free.

There is no ‘minimum time’ for a fitness program to deliver health results. 30 minutes a week is not ideal, but it is better than nothing.

It is not rare to hear about a senior citizen accidentally tripping and breaking a bone. Going to the orthopedic to get that fixed up would cost at least several grands.

If people had spent their younger days staying fit, they would have developed a certain level of bone density that would have prevented the fall from causing any serious harm. In fact, they would probably still have maintained a certain level of coordination, reflex, and agility that might have prevented them from falling down in the first place.
This is a matter of durability. It's a matter of how prepared someone is to face old age.

And even if they haven’t started earlier, it is still not too late to start now. Starting and doing a little is better than doing nothing at all.

A sedentary person would stand a higher chance of developing diabetes, hypertension, or high cholesterol consuming the same things that a metabolically active individual consumes. They then proceed to be dependent on medication to stave off the effects their problems. Stave. Not cure.

Why should being fundamentally Malaysian provide a cause to be unhealthy?

We want our food!

Irony is when people complain they don’t have time and money to spend on fitness, and then proceed to spend even more on medication.

Heartbreak is what happens when medication fails.

The point is - there is nothing more economical to achieve long term health than to stay fit.


There are also people who spend a fortune on skin care, anti-aging treatments, liposuction, buttlifts, and other ‘painless’ remedies to…”look young”. Out of fear, they waste thousands upon thousands on expensive and highly impractical solutions. 

The truth however, is that strength and conditioning would allow people to enjoy a far better body composition, skin elasticity, radiance, and energy level than any of the products or procedures out there. 

They should be doing that first, extras later. But people have it in the wrong way round.

Compare the before & after photos achieved through exercise. It is not just the body that looks different - their faces have a new glow too. A remarkable difference in aesthetics can be achieved naturally.

Here’s proof (people who still look amazing after 50):

  • Brad Pitt
  • Hugh Jackman
  • Madonna
  • Christie Brinkley
  • Laura Gordon (@cttchickentuna)
  • Ye Wen

That's not all.

The true value of fitness lies even further than that. Health, strength, anti-aging and even aesthetics are small benefits compared. These separate benefits form the bulk, but not the epitome of what fitness can actually do for the individual. 

How low your body fat percentage is, how heavy you lift, how good you look - we can’t carry any of that to our graves.

But being fit allows us to live longer and better quality lives.

Fitness may mean different things to different people, but here is where it carries the same meaning for everybody. Not everybody cares about looking good or being strong - everybody cares about not dying. 

Fitness is the strongest weapon of self-preservation in the fight against mortality.

The stronger and fitter you are right now the more of fitness you will retain as you reach your golden years. This is what matters the most. And this is what far too many people overlook. 

Until someone comes up with a more effective way, fitness remains the best method available. And as fitness professionals, we are the only people who possess the knowledge and the ability to carry this message to the world. 

We cannot stand by idly and just care about our own needs. We cannot remain ignorant to the need of spreading this message to the world. If all of us can stand united: we would achieve so much more and help make the world a better place. And the returns to all of us will be in excess of what it is right now.


He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.
― Friedrich Nietzsche

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Understanding our whys allows you to understand our choices.

And only through understanding will you find real satisfaction in your decision, and earn the right to argue. 

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