“a partner or colleague in business or at work.”



A successful person has the ability to think. Workers are but drones.

We don’t need drones. We need leaders and thinkers.




Being an associate means that you hold a vested interest in the welfare of our organization. We may be separate individuals, but we are united with the same vision, allied by interest, and share in the enterprise of the business model.

To become an associate, several important steps are involved.

I. Primer
II. Meeting
III. Culture Introduction
IV. Demonstration
V. Offer




Step ONE – Complete The Primer

In the past, we’ve had applicants who applied but changed their mind at the very last minute, or resigned several days into the job.

This is a massive waste of our time so we’ve decided to put everything up here first so that you know what you’re getting yourself into even before coming in for the interview.

This package of information is called The Primer.

It is emailed to you in parts, and at the end of every material you will be instructed on how to receive the next part.

This allows you to pick up where you left off, and also ensures that you read everything properly instead of just skimming through.

Once the Primer is done, we can proceed to arrange for an appointment to meet up.

If you are serious about us, you must finish reading the Primer.


Because we must be able to trust you in order to do business together.

In order for that to happen, we must believe that:

  • You can help, and
  • You want to help.

Our relationship will only work with both built in. One is worthless without the other.

Read about us. Our vision, our philosophy, our values. Proceed only if you like what you read.

*I suggest you take down notes on all the things you disagree with so that you can bring them up during our meeting.

Once that is done, we will let you know how we can meet.


Step TWO - Meeting

After reading the Primer, you would have a decent idea whether or not you wish to be an associate.

Then, when you come for our Meeting, you will need to answer THREE questions (so prepare your answers beforehand):

  • What made you want to join the fitness industry?
  • Why do you want to join HB instead of other organizations?
  • How do you wish to contribute to our organization?

P.S. If you answer Question 2 with something along the lines of, "Because I want to learn from you guys”, then we would expect an answer to, “What can you give us in return?”

P.P.S. We are telling you the questions now to help you prepare, so think it through!

Besides this, we can also discuss any problems that were not covered in the Primer during the Meeting.


Step THREE – Culture Introduction

The Culture Introduction is a week-long free membership at HBCF as one of our clients. The reason why this is necessary is because there are many “different” methodologies the fitness industry.

From experience we know that differing beliefs, methods and philosophies can cause problems. However, 'different' does necessarily equate to bad. We just have to reconcile our differences.

As such, we will expose you to us for a period of one week. This means that you will come to HB to train for a week.

This will allow you to pick up on the things we do that you don't agree with, and communicate with us on these things.

We can only work together if we can reconcile our differences. 


Step FOUR - Demonstration

If we invite you back for our Culture Introduction, it means that we are keen to work together. However, we still won’t know what we can offer you.

Hence, Step Four is to show us what you can do. We will ask you to demonstrate the movements that you have used over the past week, and grade how well you perform the movements. After the grading process, we will assess your programming skills.

As soon as Step Four is over, we will propose an offer for your consideration. If you accept, you will officially be hired as an Associate, and your training (if required) will begin in earnest.


Step FIVE - Offer

We make you an offer based on your abilities.

These offers are not set in stone. However, we do have several standard ‘packages’ you can refer to for an idea of what we can give.

These packages will be explained to you during Step Two.